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Unique Insights Possible through Using eSource


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Webinar Notes

Linear Clinical Research now has over a year of experience with eSource. Drawing from real-world examples, learn how Linear has deployed eSource to help:

  • Deliver clinical insights sooner
  • Accelerate trial timelines
  • Improve the costs of trials
  • Communicate operational advantages to Sponsors

In addition, learn how Linear is now building on their eSource platform and experience to change the way we think about trial delivery.

Webinar Hosts

Michael Winlo

CEO, Linear Clinical Research

Michael's passion is helping build tech-enabled and people-orientated companies to tackle complex challenges in healthcare. He loves executing big ideas and is an active mentor and advisor in the local health tech translation scene.

Michael's professional skills and interests cover clinical medicine, clinical trials, data science as well as business and people development.

Currently, he is working with a committed team to build a better care model for people with unmet disease. One that involves the patient and smarter health data capture technology to improve knowledge-generation at the bedside.