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Prevent Delays in Your Clinical Trials with Data Visualization


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Webinar Notes

Real-time data visualization of clinical trial progress is becoming more critical than ever before. With the current situation of COVID, both central and remote monitoring are paramount to trial success, and real-time data visualization has proven to help keep trials on track, yet keeping track of activity at all sites is a constant challenge. If site information that requires action doesn’t make it to the sponsor until hours, days or even weeks later, then it costs the trial precious time. Real-time visual data representations that enable targeting and the ability to proactively identify and monitor sites that are at risk gives the sponsor the power to implement corrective actions swiftly.

Learn how Phastar identified key elements for data visualization in clinical trials, and how to translate this data into actionable items.

Webinar Hosts

Dr. Jennifer Bradford

Director of Data Science, Phastar

Dr. Jennifer Bradford leads PHASTAR’s data science group, a team of experienced data scientists that are applying advanced analytical approaches, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to maximize the value of clinical trial data. Dr. Bradford’s background in data science spans over 15 years and prior to joining PHASTAR in 2019, she worked for AstraZeneca and Cancer Research UK.

Paul Kossovic

Head of Technical Projects, Medrio

Paul Kassovic is Head of Technical Projects at Medrio, with a love for all things API’s, leads the charge on building and designing ways to ensure Medrio is interoperable with third-party systems and applications which has become increasingly critical in this virtual trial environment. Paul has over 5 years at Medrio, with a background of over 10 years of technical SaaS platform experience.