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Diagnostics Studies: Speed and Flexibility Without Complexity

Solution Sheet

Medrio has proven success with diagnostics studies. We give you unprecedented speed and flexibility in building your study, without compromising on features or functionality. Having worked with some of the largest and most innovative diagnostics companies across the globe, Medrio knows how to address your specific needs such as blinding, bulk upload of external data, and analysis tools to provide a platform tailor-made for straightforward diagnostic protocols. 

Features and Functions for Diagnostic Studies

Our eClinical Software as a Service (SaaS) platform allows studies to be configured completely through a web browser, requiring no custom programming. We offer a unique model that enables you to deploy your database faster, manage your study more efficiently, and collect more accurate data, all while realizing significant cost savings.

Point-and-Click Interface

Stop relying on vendors to build your database. You can save time and money with our user friendly interface. Even better- it allows you to fully control your study and your data.

Rich Feature Set

We offer lab integration with bulk uploading, APIs, complex randomization, and more!

Real-Time Access to Data

Electronic data capture allows you to view data in real-time. You can intervene quickly and identify errors faster, saving you time and money.

Set Up Studies in Days, Not Months

  • Speed: Build studies rapidly with our simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Control: Build studies and make mid-study changes according to your needs and on your schedule—without relying on programming or external contractors.
  • Access: View data in real-time for review, analysis, and collaboration with partners.

Simplicity Without Compromise

  • Upload large external data sets in bulk and automate your workflow.
  • Regulatory compliance (GCP, 21 CFR, Annex 11, and more) built into the system to ensure the safe handling and storage of clinical data.
  • Medrio customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Subscription-Based Pricing With No Upfront Cost

  • All-in pricing with no surprises: No fees for setup, mid-study changes, support, or hardware.
  • Transparent, flat pricing offers a much lower total cost of ownership than legacy vendors—no need to manage costly programmers or outside consultants.
  • Add an unlimited number of additional sites at no extra cost.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Diagnostics Studies?