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Central Nervous System Studies: Integrated Solutions for Every Therapeutic Area

Solution Sheet

Different clinical trials have different needs. Don’t make the mistake of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to eClinical software. Medrio is a proven choice for organizations conducting clinical trials in Central Nervous System (CNS) indications.

Here's Why CNS Clinical Trials Succeed With Medrio

Rapid Study Startup

Get your databases built in days so you can start enrolling patients quickly

Capture Data From the Source

When patients are unable to visit sites, our mobile DDC tablet app empowers staff to bring the clinical trial to them.

Real-Time Patient Data

Stay attuned to patients' pain levels, mobility, and other aspects of their experience with web-based surveys that patients can complete from home.

Better Data Quality and Accuracy

Catch errors quickly with real-time edit checks, and reduce transcription errors by eliminating paper from your data entry process.

Fully Integrated Platform

EDC, eConsent, ePRO, DDC, and RTSM all fully integrated reduce the need for vendor management, and increases data quality and accuracy.

See How We Do It

Studies have shown that an integrated eClinical solution can decrease study timelines for CNS trials while streamlining site requirements. We know that a successful study build requires configuration to therapeutic area-specific strategies and a knowledgeable team.



Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies and standardizes the data collection process. Our EDC seamlessly integrates consent, direct capture, imaging, ePRO,  and more.



Increase patient understanding and enhance the patient experience with an electronic consent workflow. Our eConsent tool allows you to facilitate better patient comprehension through the use of graphics, videos, and quizzes.



We know you need flexible solutions to meet the needs of your patients, and that for CNS indications the engagement of a patient and possibly their caregiver is critical. Our ePRO tool allows for remote monitoring, notifications, BYOD, and indication specific questionnaires. It is secure and compliant with all regulatory requirements.



Make data collection easy in-clinic or in the field. You can improve your data quality while eliminating paper-based data capture and make your monitoring efforts more productive with this tool. Collect data right from the source online or off.


Consultative Services

We recognize the value of having full control over your data, which is why our tools make that possible. But we also recognize that sometimes you can’t manage everything in-house. We offer support from study builds to translations to biostatistics and everything in between. We are available when you need us.

Let's Chat About How We Can Help Accelerate Your CNS Trials Safely