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Medrio eConsent: Put Patients First & Reduce Drop-Out

Solution Sheet

Flexible Consent Technology Improves Participant Comprehension and Process Oversight

With 85% of studies failing to retain enough patients, 30% of patients dropping out of studies, and 8% of those patients dropping out due to failure to understand study requirements, the consent process can make or break study success.

Medrio’s Consent solution empowers organizations to accelerate all aspects of the consent process, from setting up and modifying forms to ensuring patient comprehension, while remaining in full regulatory compliance.

Our flexible solution supports both electronic and paper-based processes, allowing you to prioritize the patients’ experience and the sites’ needs. Sites may either consent participants in-clinic using tablet-based workflows or remotely using email and Medrio’s secure Participant Portal.

Unlike other Consent technology solutions, our fully integrated web-based Consent and EDC platform allow you to meet your study milestones by streamlining implementation and data collection. Our solution supports optional multimedia presentations and participant quizzes to enrich patient understanding, and we know that when time is of the essence, quicker set-up options may be preferred. Our system also allows you to upload and use IRB-approved paper consent documents when timelines don’t allow for lengthy consent storyboarding and multiple IRB approval rounds. 

Center Participant Experience While Increasing Comprehension and Reducing Dropout Rates

  • Our bring your own device (BYOD) model allows patients to focus on understanding the trial requirements, not on learning how to use a new device
  • Leverage in-clinic and remote workflows to consent patients where they’re most comfortable
  • Incorporate videos, FAQ documents, and custom quiz modules to supplement consent documents and confirm comprehension

Accelerate Setup and Deployment of Changes

  • Upload consent forms with instant site access
  • Control consent version by site easily with Medrio’s programmer-less configuration options
  • Expedite re-consenting workflows with do-it-yourself access to Medrio’s intuitive platform

Improve Regulatory Compliance, Oversight, and Data Transparency

  • Accelerate oversight with real-time access to consent progress data
  • Centralize data into a single system while supporting electronic and/or paper-based processes
  • Protect patients’ PHI using encryption & granular permissions that meet or exceed global compliance regulations

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