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Medrio API Connect: Enable Better System Communication

Solution Sheet

Our API integrations have been used in hundreds of studies.


Integrations by our customers


Integrations completed by Medrio PS Team


Integrations by our customers


Integrations completed by Medrio PS Team

Enabling better communications between systems.

Medrio API Connect is a collection of Medrio APIs. With the Medrio APIs, you can import data into and export data from your Medrio EDC studies and run raw data reports. Using Medrio’s five APIs—Import, Export, Event, Data Views, and User Management—you can import, export, run reports, handle users, and send real-time events programmatically to and from your Medrio EDC database.

The need for systems to communicate with each other is important. eClinical companies need a way to get all relevant data into one place, and APIs are a safe, easy way to accomplish this task.

Medrio API Connect meets the needs for your study.

  • Accelerates visibility and accessibility of information between systems
  • Creates new efficiencies for researchers who use multiple separate systems in their studies
  • Enables real-time data visualization to clinical researchers

What Systems Can Medrio API Integrate?

  • IRT/IXRS/Inventory Management Systems
  • Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)
  • Safety Systems/Database
  • Payments
  • Risk-Based Monitoring/Reporting/Business Intelligence

Examples of eClinical systems that might interface using APIs include:

  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC) for clinical data
  • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) for operational data and study management
  • Safety Systems for AE/SAE tracking
  • IRT (IVRS) for randomization and patient diary systems

Export API

Use this API to leverage filtering on data exports or schedule exports of data for routine imports to third-party databases or analysis.

Import API

The Import API can integrate trial information gathered from sites via Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) and pre-populate the eCRF. The IVRS system can capture information such as randomization and even demographic information (age, gender, and initial) and patient number. This process can also be used to gather IVR patient diary data.

Events API

The Events API allows you to send out from the Medrio EDC events that occur, such as subject creation, fired queries, etc., so you can deliver them to another system. The Events API is handy for creating integrations that can notify a third-party system when certain predefined events are triggered in your Medrio EDC study.

Data Views API

The Medrio Data Views API allows read-only access to your clinical trial data and lets you create an integration with another system. This Data Views API is built on OData standards to allow distinct data access patterns. The OData standard requires schemas (metadata) of data to be exposed, making it easier for systems to explore and access only the required parts of the data. With the Data Views API, you can pull read-only report data.

User Management API

The User Management API allows you to handle user management outside of Medrio EDC. With the User Management API, you can add users, assign roles to users, and delete users.

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