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Late Phase Clinical Trials: A Showcase of Medrio’s Flexibility

Solution Sheet

By the time a new medical product earns regulatory approval and enters post-marketing clinical trials, their eClinical needs change. Phase IV clinical trials are big, involving a large number of patients and data over a longer timeframe, while still employing a relatively simple and straightforward design compared to the more intricate studies of Phase III. Medrio’s popularity in Phase IV derives from the rare ability to cater to both of these aspects simultaneously.

Here’s what that means.

Everything You Need – And Nothing You Don’t

  • Affordability – Medrio users are able to pay only for our core EDC product – with additional modules such as dictionary coding included – instead of paying for eClinical packages that come with costly products that simpler clinical trials don’t need.
  • Flexibility – If any of these additional products are, in fact, necessary, users can easily integrate Medrio with CTMS or any other eClinical system using one of our three free APIs.
  • Patient centricity – Medrio’s eConsent and ePRO tools facilitate easier receipt of informed consent and patient-reported data while enabling patients to fill out PRO surveys remotely via email from the comfort of their own home.
  • Complex RandomizationMedrio RTSM can handle the complexity of any trail design or design need.
  • Reduce Waste – What if you could reduce waste by 20-40%? Medrio RTSM can make that happen while increasing patient compliance.

The Cloud: The Best for Large Data Quantities

While Phase IV clinical trial design is often relatively straightforward, these studies still involve lots of patients and, therefore, lots of sites and data over a longer timeframe. Phase IV researchers need a stable and robust system that can accommodate these large datasets and optimize collaboration. Medrio users have found the system adept at handling large quantities of data while still running smoothly. And as a secure cloud-based EDC, Medrio empowers users to share data and perform monitoring tasks much more easily than they could with an on-premise solution.


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