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How a Diagnostics Startup Drastically Reduced Timelines and Costs

Success Story


inui Health creates innovative in-home consumer diagnostic tools for early detection of kidney disorders, UTIs, and general health issues. As a busy, quickly-growing startup with recent FDA approval to test 5 biomarkers, they require fast and flexible eClinical solutions that won’t slow them down. inui’s Senior Manager of Clinical Operations, Jenny Li, chose Medrio for a recent biomarker study that led to FDA approval and notes that the solution has enabled her team to drastically reduce timelines, promote efficient data sharing across multiple sites, and access exceptional customer support.


  • Adhere to strict timelines
  • Capture and share data between sites efficiently
  • Create and adjust an electronic data capture system easily

Why Medrio?

  • Shared data across dispersed sites easily
  • Built studies with speed and ease
  • Received superior customer support


  • Reduced study builds from 2 months to 2 days
  • Lowered eClinical costs by 90%
  • Able to copy forms from previous studies for re-use


“Having a good EDC with online/offline data capture that can record data on a tablet is crucial. And there are not many vendors that can provide that.”
Jenny Li, Senior Manager of Clinical Operations, inui Health

inui has a full calendar through next year as they set their sights on FDA approval to test additional urine biomarkers for kidney and liver function. To meet these goals, inui’s trials aim to be lightning fast. “Diagnostics IVD trials can have assembly line production with short studies that last days or only a week,” Li explains.

On top of this, inui’s needs, like those of many diagnostics organizations, require the ability to quickly capture data from healthy volunteers and to share data across multiple sites. “Having a good EDC with online/offline data capture that can record study data on an iPad or tablet is crucial, says Li. “And there are not many EDC vendors out there that can provide that service.”

Li’s team also needed a flexible electronic data capture solution that would keep their work in their hands. Many researchers face a common headache: if mistakes are made during the creation of an EDC or if modifications need to be made after a system goes live, it can be a time-consuming hassle to contact the vendor and go back through contract sign-offs. To maintain an efficient workflow, it was important to have eClinical tools that allowed them to make adjustments quickly and easily.

Why Medrio?

“Medrio is one of few vendors that allows me to capture data on an iPad in a fashion that different tablets can view the same data in different locations.”
Jenny Li, Senior Manager of Clinical Operations, inui Health

When Li set out to find a new EDC vendor, she found that Medrio’s eSource application was one of the only solutions that met the organization’s needs of capturing data from a tablet with or without an Internet connection. “Medrio is one of the very few vendors that would allow me to capture data on an iPad in a fashion that different tablets can view the same data in the entire study in different locations,”  she explains. Like many diagnostics organizations, inui works with dispersed sites and it’s extremely helpful to quickly and easily share data between them.

After adopting Medrio, Li and her team found the system intuitive and easy to use. They were able to build databases quickly and easily using a drag-and-drop interface that requires no programming.

“I love the fact that I can build my own database. I can go back to the development phase to modify if I made a mistake,” says Li. “It’s a very flexible system. I don’t need to contact my EDC vendor . . . I am 100% in control.”

inui found another resource to keep studies running smoothly: 24/7 support that understood their specific needs. “That was one of the highlights about Medrio overall as a team, from the help desk to product development to support,” explains Li. “I’m just very impressed.”

Results for inui

“I was able to cut and paste from my previous study, make minor modifications, and get the system to go-live.”
Jenny Li, Senior Manager of Clinical Operations, inui Health

From the combination of these factors, Li and her team yielded benefits that applied both to individual studies and to the organization as a whole. While study build in EDC typically takes several weeks to several months to complete, using Medrio’s drag-and-drop, programming-free interface, inui drastically shortened this timeline: “I would say it reduced from two months to two days,” Li states. “I was able to cut and paste from my previous study, make minor modifications, and get the system to go-live.”

Additionally, without the need to hire programmers and because Medrio comes at a lower subscription-based fee, inui was able to reduce eClinical costs by approximately 90% compared to previous vendors. “It’s excellent,” says Li. “For my very small startup – it’s certainly helped tremendously.”

Through ease of use, lower costs, and ample support resources, inui has more bandwidth to focus on product development. And with the speed and efficiency they now enjoy – whether it’s in study build, capturing and sharing data, or receiving customer support – they’re equipped to accelerate the delivery of their innovative diagnostics tools to those who need them most.

About inui Health

inui Health is a consumer medical diagnostics company based in California’s Silicon Valley. We seek to provide diagnostic capabilities in a mobile environment to empower consumers with access to information about their own health, leading to a better quality of life. Our products will help consumers detect complications early, monitor their health, and easily share their health information so they can work with their healthcare providers for timely interventions. For more information, please visit www.inuihealth.com.  (NOTE: inui Health was acquired by Healthy.io in June of 2020.)

About Medrio

At Medrio, we know it takes a global village to achieve a healthier world. Since 2005, we’ve developed a successful ecosystem of visionary people like you who want to change the world- employees, customers, and partners alike.

We’ve supported sponsors, CRO’s, and sites from across the life sciences industry spectrum. With our help, they have secured more than 375 approvals and reached critical breakthroughs. Our expertise spans across most therapeutic areas and covers all phases of clinical trials. We aim to deliver the best customer experience possible because your success is our success. www.medrio.com.

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