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Accelerate Your Trials: Fast & Intuitive eClinical Technology

Solution Sheet

In Clinical Research, Extra Steps Mean Extra Time

The eClinical industry is finally starting to reckon with some of the inefficiencies that have unnecessarily extended timelines and stretched budgets in clinical research. Sponsors and CROs have confronted these challenges throughout their clinical trials:

  • Lengthy and expensive study build – Many systems require researchers to either surrender the build of their database to their eClinical vendor, spend budget on external programmers, or undergo cumbersome training before they’re able to do their own build.
  • Complicated mid-study changes – Mid-study changes are often impossible without reaching out to the vendor or taking the entire study offline.
  • Delayed access to data – With traditional data collection, access to data can take days, weeks, or even months, forcing researchers to make decisions on longer timelines and without a full picture.
  • Data entry and transcription errors – Even with electronic data capture, many studies still depend on paper for source data capture, informed consent, monitoring, and more, leading to major inefficiencies and data quality issues.
  • Inflexible and costly Training –  Researchers are often forced to adhere to a strict, vendor-defined training regimen that’s not aligned with their needs or timelines.

When all is said and done, study build, monitoring, and other processes can add months to the length of a clinical trial. Given the strict timeline demands of clinical trials today, this is simply unacceptable.

The Medrio Way: Fast, Easy eClinical Software – On Your Terms and in Your Control

Medrio was purpose-built to eliminate these inefficiencies. We’re one of few providers, even today, with the built-in, cutting-edge flexibility that empowers you to conduct data management quickly and easily.

  • Study build in under 3 weeks – Users can build their studies themselves using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for any programming or outsourcing and drastically reducing study build time.
  • Mid-study changes on the fly – Users can take full ownership of the mid-study change process and make changes with a few clicks of a mouse. They don’t have to reach out to us, and they don’t have to take their study offline.
  • Real-time access to data – Instant visibility to study data – from anywhere and at any time – enables better decisions and shorter timelines.
  • Better data, faster – Medrio’s eSource suite includes direct data capture, eConsent, and ePRO platforms, all of which feed data seamlessly into our EDC. These platforms enable real-time data sharing and improve data quality, patient comprehension, monitoring, and more.
  • Flexible training options – Our eLearning platform reduces the need for in-person training and the planning, scheduling, and logistics that come with it.

By the Numbers

  • Customers of some of our biggest competitors average 10 weeks for study build. Medrio users average 2.8 weeks, with some completing the task in a matter of days.
  • Medrio’s direct data capture platform, Medrio DDC, empowers users to eliminate 90% of data transcription errors by capturing source data electronically and syncing it to our EDC.
  • Medrio users have leveraged real-time data sharing to reduce their need for on-site monitoring visits by 50%.
  • Our users have also been able to make mid-study changes in as little as 5 or 10 minutes.

Cases From Real Clinical Trials

Our software has brought speed and ease of use to countless clinical researchers throughout our history. Here are some of their stories:

  • Ancillarie – Citing the absence of required programming as a major source of efficiency, two data managers at this CRO – one with extensive data management experience and another with relatively little – both found Medrio easy and intuitive enough to build large studies in just a few weeks.
  • Study Builders – The research consultants at Study Builders used Medrio to cut their study build time by about 86%, from three weeks to three days. They cited the ease of making changes to eCRFs and the flexibility of training as other sources of efficiency.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Trials?