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Data Validity and Regulatory-Grade Real World Evidence


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Webinar Notes

Data validity is the cornerstone of evidence-based medicine. As randomized controlled trials are augmented by real-world evidence, data validity has come under question. Are the data sufficiently valid to support a conclusion? In this webinar, our featured speaker will discuss various types of real-world evidence and how to think about data validity.

Learning objectives:

  • In what ways are registry-based and electronic health record-based studies different?
  • What constitutes a valid real-world study?
  • How has regulatory guidance evolved related to real-world evidence?
  • What resources are available to pharma to better leverage real-world evidence?

Webinar Hosts

Dan Riskin

CEO, Verantos

Dan Riskin is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Verantos and previously held positions as Founder and CEO of Health Fidelity and Special Projects Consultant at Apple. He is Adjunct Professor of Surgery and Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Informatics Research at Stanford University.

Dr. Riskin is an expert in healthcare artificial intelligence and a successful serial entrepreneur. Products he has developed and commercialized influence the care of millions of patients annually. His contributions in data-driven healthcare have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and other leading media. He served on the Obama Healthcare Policy Committee for the 2008 Presidential Campaign and testified before Congress on the 21st Century Cures Initiative.

Dr. Riskin is board-certified in four specialties, including surgery, critical care, palliative care, and clinical informatics. He holds degrees and fellowships from University of California, Stanford, and MIT.