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Medrio vs. Legacy EDC Platforms: The Medrio Difference

Solution Sheet

In 2005, we set out to move Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to the cloud, and have been revolutionizing data collection ever since. Before that – and in many cases, still to this day – EDC users depended upon a custom database and high-priced programmers to build forms. Our platform frees up resources to keep you in control of timelines and costs. With a record of success spanning more than a decade, we offer users both the stability of a legacy EDC system and the cutting-edge functionality that today’s clinical trials demand. 

Simplicity, Flexibility, and Independence

  • Make mid-study changes quickly and easily, without taking your study offline or relying on technical support, and test them out before deploying to your sites.
  • Accelerate your processes with an intuitive and easy-to-use system.
  • Focus on your study – not managing complex software and expensive and confusing contracts. We offer transparent pricing that is easy to understand and comes with industry-leading training and support.

Set Up Studies in Days, Not Months

  • Speed: Build studies rapidly with our simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Control: Build studies and make mid-study changes according to your needs and on your schedule—without relying on programming or external contractors.
  • Access: View data in real-time for review, analysis, and collaboration with partners.

Cloud-Based Software Eliminates Headaches

  • Simplify and standardize the data collection process across a variety of devices from multiple locations. You can eliminate paper from the process, giving you the option to lower costs by monitoring source data remotely.
  • Integrate with CTMS, RBM, SAE databases, and other systems with free APIs.
  • Monitor more effectively with real-time data availability and alerts for SAEs and out-of-range values.

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