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Building a Trusted Partnership

You make the work we do possible. People, not technology, sit at the center of everything we do. We believe in setting you up for success, and sometimes that means providing extra assistance.  We create the solutions, but you are the ones who pick them up and run with them, and we want you to be successful. Lean on our experts for everything from study builds, licensing, translations, and more!

Meet Hector

Hector and his team are starting their first decentralized study using Medrio and need full onboarding support. They are using Medrio DDC, but don’t have any hardware. They also have a few 3rd party systems they want to connect with Medrio EDC and need to manage work through a custom report delivered every morning. So Hector’s team really needs Onboarding, eLearning, Implementation, Hardware, API, and custom reporting. That kitchen is going to fill up with cooks quickly! 

With Medrio, Hector can work with his dedicated Project Manager (PM) to coordinate these separate projects and act as an extension of his team. His PM works cross-functionally to secure the necessary hardware, create a module-specific onboarding for Hector’s team, manage the study-specific timeline, and help them resolve any issues they run into. After go-live, Hector’s PM checks in monthly on the off-chance something has come up. Hector is glad he had a go-to PM he could tap into throughout his study, not just when something breaks. Not only did his study reach FPI in 8 weeks (4 weeks ahead of schedule), the automatic DDC to EDC sync helped them decrease transcription errors, and their PM helped Hector’s team feel confident building their next study.

Your Success Is Our Success

We’re not just here to teach you how to set up your eClinical suite – we’re here to help you find a better way. What’s your focus: Increasing efficiency? Reducing reconciliation? Increasing participant engagement? Let’s talk about what you need and find the best solution together!

If You Have a Problem, We Have a Solution

Whether you’re grappling with temporary resource limitations or want supplementary services to build out your suite of capabilities, we’ve got you covered. The science of clinical research is complex enough–let us simplify the foundation that your researchers are relying on.

Data Science and Professional Services

We know that sometimes you can’t do it all, and why should you have to? Whether full service or complementary, Medrio product experts are available to accelerate your trial and ensure delivery of the highest quality data.

Data Management Plan Development

eCRF Design & Study Build

Safety Data Management & Reconciliation

Study Closeout & Database Delivery



Hardware Provisioning

Custom Reporting

API Implementation

Project Management



We'll Help You Find the Answers

We offer everything you may need, including 24/7 support. Our knowledgeable staff can consult with you on the best solution design for your study and teams. In addition, our engaged community of users and library resources means that the solution is always close at hand.

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