What’s most important to EDC users

Whats Most Important To Edc Users | Medrio

In our efforts to remain conscious of what we’re doing right and what our users need, we recently polled our users on their experience with various features of our EDC software solution. The results weren’t surprising: Users tend to value features of great use to moderately-sized companies conducting early phase trials, whose needs Medrio is known for accommodating. Those features include:


  1. 1. An intuitive user interface
    1. A confusing UI can negate the efficiencies of EDC. An ideal UI is intuitive enough for even new EDC users to get the hang of quickly.
  1. 2. Control of study build
    1. The ability to build studies in-house, rather than outsource to programmers, is more cost-efficient – and keeps study build in the hands of clinical research experts, where it belongs.
  1. 3. Faster study build
    1. A study that can be built quickly is already on a path to fast database lock. Fortunately, without the need for programming, studies can be built in as little as one day.
  1. 4. Ease of doing business
    1. EDC users today are looking for a low-friction sales process, plentiful and efficient training resources, and other administrative advantages.


The trials of large pharma Phase III attract a lot of attention in clinical research today, and we love working with them. But the results of our survey show that the needs of researchers elsewhere in the industry – intuitiveness, flexibility – are just as important.