Oncology Spotlight (Part III: The Shift towards Personalized Medicine in Oncology)

In recent years, personalized medicine has had a growing impact on healthcare.

Personalized treatments as a share of all new FDA-approved molecular entities:





With oncology at the forefront of personalized medicine, and with high needs for more effective treatments, researchers will need the right eClinical platform to meet the demand:




Intuitive software and robust onboarding





Rapid study-build and mid-study changes





Manage the adaptive trial designs common in oncology




Welcome to part three in Medrio’s four-part infographic spotlight on worldwide growth in the oncology clinical trial market. This edition focuses on how the shift towards personalized medicine and the greater use of biomarkers in cancer research are creating a wealth of new research opportunities.

In recent years, precision medicine has had an increasingly significant impact on healthcare. Personalized treatments represent a rapidly growing share of all new FDA-approved molecular entities, expanding from 5% in 2005 to 14% in 2011 to an impressive 34% in 2017. While personalized medicine affects many clinical areas, the majority of new treatments have been in oncology. Of the total approvals of personalized treatments by therapeutic area, 56% have been in oncology compared to 25% in Hepatitis C and 19% of all others.

Growth drivers of personalized medicine in oncology

Why is this growth centered around oncology? One of the main reasons is that there are a high number of unmet needs since traditional cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, often yield poor responses and hold a significant risk of adverse effects. Additionally, genetic biomarkers and their ability to target drugs more effectively are better understood in cancer than in any other disease area. High costs also play a role: expensive standard cancer treatments present a wide-open opportunity for personalized medications to provide better care at a fraction of the cost.

With oncology at the forefront of precision medicine, and with high needs for more effective treatments, it’s important to be aware of the latest developments in the clinical trial industry. Check out this infographic now and be sure to view the other infographics in the series in order to get the complete picture. Medrio’s easy-to-use eClinical platform has met the demands of many early-phase oncology researchers by providing the flexibility necessary to manage the adaptive trial designs that are common in this field.