Oncology Spotlight (Part II: The Immunotheraphy Revolution)

By harnessing the body’s own immune system to fight cancer cells. immunotheraphy represents one of the most exciting and talked-about innovations in oncology today. In Part 2 of our oncology series, we’re offering some updates on the immunotheraphy revolution.




Immuno-oncology drugs in 2017




Welcome to the second installment in Medrio’s infographic series on worldwide growth in oncology clinical trials. This edition dives into exciting updates on the immunotherapy revolution, specifically in immuno-oncology. This rapidly developing treatment uses the body’s immune system to battle against cancer cells and has become one of the industry’s most talked-about innovations today. It has even lead to the Cancer Moonshot, an ambitious government plan striving to cure cancer.

There was a wave of development of immuno-oncology drugs in 2017. That year saw 26 on the market, 940 in the clinical development stage and 1,064 in pre-clinical development. On top of this, 2017 also saw a large amount of clinical trial expansion in this area: 3,042 active immuno-oncology trials treating 303 types of cancer. Looking to the future, there is an anticipated growth rate of 14.6% in these trials from 2017 – 2022.

The promise of immunotherapy is especially compelling due to the fact that it can be combined with additional therapies and is less toxic and resistance-prone than traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy. But that’s not the only thing: its potential is immense since it can be produced for widespread use.

Across the clinical research industry, immunotherapy is gathering a stronger presence. In diagnostics, it’s driving a considerable share of this market. Additionally, the Cancer Moonshot has placed significant emphasis on immuno-oncology in its goal to cure cancer. Precision medicine, another quickly growing part of the market, requires biomarkers to help identify the patients that are most likely to respond to immunotherapy treatments.

See this infographic now to gain valuable information on developments in immunotherapy and be sure to check out the other infographics in this series to stay up to date on the latest clinical trial industry trends. Medrio’s eClinical tools have helped many early-phase oncology trials reach their goals through their ease of use and adaptability.