Nimble EDC and eSource at a Low Total Cost of Ownership

EDC pricing norms: Ripe for change


Today, EDC can take many forms. Just as different solutions offer different levels of functionality, there’s also variation in how an EDC tool can be priced. There are, however, certain pricing patterns that tend to emerge:

  • Big companies with price tags to match – Many EDC solutions are, quite simply, unaffordable. These tend to be big companies targeting big studies with big budgets. Their pricing is complex, riddled with additional fees, and sky-high.
  • Low prices with invisible extras – Other companies may quote a low monthly subscription price – or even claim to offer the EDC for free – but their users later find themselves paying extra for additional modules, or racking up expenses in the form of specialized programming contractors and slow build times.

These types of companies differ drastically in many ways, but they do have one thing in common: Whether the costs are transparent or hidden, you’re paying too much for your EDC.


The Medrio way: Keeping costs low from beginning to end

Medrio has avoided the pitfalls of both of these models, offering a total cost of ownership that keeps your studies comfortably within their budgets. The price of our monthly subscription beats that of many companies flat-out. And customers can conduct their research without worrying about unforeseen expenses surprising them at every turn.

  • Simple, consolidated pricing – Additional modules are included with our EDC at no extra cost.
  • Keep your studies in your hands – Users can build their studies and make mid-study changes with no programming required, eliminating the costs of programming and IT staff.
  • Work fast! Time is money – The absence of required programming, as well as efficiencies like the ability to make mid-study changes without taking your study offline, empowers researchers to accelerate their timelines – and save costs as a result.


By the numbers

We compared our pricing to that of several other EDC providers, based on the cost of running a 1-year early phase oncology study. Here are the results:

Another provider offers a lower monthly subscription than Medrio – but would charge up to $25,000 for study build and EDC system setup – probably requiring additional staff and elongated timelines – and another $1,000 for additional modules. The result: The lower subscription price is negated, with Medrio offering more robust functionality and better ease of use.


Hear it from those who have done it

Who better to talk about our low cost of ownership than Medrio customers who have benefitted from it?

“It’s so affordable…all those unnecessary steps get cut out.”
Abhinav Jain
Clinical Data Manager
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals

“The money you can save at different levels. It starts at how fast you can set up your database – you don’t need an EDC programmer.”
Muhammad Bilal
Sr. Director, Clinical Data Management and Biostatistics
Topstone Research