Medrio eConsent – Electronic Informed Consent

Create a customizable and interactive consent process for the clinical trials of today and tomorrow.

Medrio eConsent empowers organizations to accelerate all aspects of the consent processes, from setting up and modifying forms to ensuring patient comprehension, while remaining in full regulatory compliance. That’s why two thirds of the top 50 Pharma companies, citing the need for improved patient comprehension and satisfaction as well as the ability to quickly create and deploy region-specific consent documents without third parties, have either already eliminated paper-based consent processes or plan to do so soon.


Accelerate form setup and deployment of changes

  • Upload consent forms to a tablet app and instantly propagate across all sites
  • Implement changes quickly by deploying directly to internet-connected tablets
  • Localize consent forms for language and geography


Ensure comprehension and compliance with a patient-centric process

  • Make consent forms more layperson-friendly with supplementary graphics and videos
  • Leverage FAQ documents and quiz modules to further ensure comprehension
  • Encryption protects patients’ PII and meets or exceeds global compliance regulations


Reduce patient support needs

  • Spend less time and resources clarifying consent forms
  • Improve patient retention and reduce recruitment effort
  • Streamline administration through a highly customizable DIY platform and reduce storage costs