Medrio eClinical for Dermatology Clinical Trials

Doctors in lab coats Medrio Dermatology

Since each clinical trial has unique needs, adopting eClinical software that meets those needs is a clear organizational asset.


With an overall customer satisfaction rating of 98%, Medrio’s eClinical platform has been used in over 50 dermatology studies by more than 12 organizations – including Innovaderm Research, Altasciences, and Precision Medicine Group. Here are a few key features that help make Medrio such a trusted solution in this area of research:


Proven eClinical software for dermatology clinical trial success


Medrio’s EDC and other eClinical solutions have achieved notable success in supporting dermatology researchers with robust feature functionality. File attachments allow researchers to upload photos and other records directly to the EDC for consistent visibility into topical reactions. Additionally, dictionary coding permits users to report adverse events quickly and precisely – making it easier to take any necessary action without delay.

Medrio also ensures rapid study startup – typically within days instead of weeks – using an intuitive drag-n-drop interface and programming-free database. Simplify and standardize the data collection process, make mid-study changes on the fly, and ensure seamless trials from start to finish – all for a simple and transparent price with no hidden fees.

Medrio’s integrated direct data capture (DDC) platform syncs directly to EDC and further facilitates data collection in-clinic or in the field. Boost data quality by catching errors quickly with real-time edit checks, reduce transcription errors by eliminating paper from your data entry process, and make your overall monitoring efforts more efficient and productive.


Medrio ePRO is an additional solution that empowers patients to report their experience electronically, in their own words, and from the comfort of their home – helping you to reduce participant burden and strengthen patient engagement.

Finally, Medrio eConsent helps you accelerate form setup and deployment of changes. It’s also highly effective for facilitating better patient comprehension with graphics and videos. This empowers you to spend less time and resources clarifying consent forms while improving patient retention and reducing recruitment efforts.