Improve Patient Engagement and Increase the Value of Patient Reported Outcomes

Empower your team with robust functionalities that lead to improved patient reported outcomes.


As the value of patient reported outcomes is becoming accepted as a critical component by which efficacy outcomes are measured, implementation challenges still pose barriers during clinical trial set up and data collection phases. Traditional methods increase risk of missing patient safety signals, and survey compliance considerations introduce additional complexity into trial design. Streamline the electronic collection of patient-reported data through Medrio’s unified ePRO and EDC platform that can be used anywhere, on any device.


Medrio ePRO handles all the complexities of patient-reported data, from the flexibility to switch between in-clinic and remote data collection, to the ability to support popular validated survey instruments. Our BYO device model allows patients to respond to surveys anywhere at any time, and automated notifications ensure compliance with your protocol while boosting patient engagement. Medrio’s unified ePRO and EDC solution allows you to view all of your clinical and patient-reported data in one place, and accelerates study build times. Leverage Medrio’s intuitive database design interface and integrated ePRO-EDC platform and see faster insights into patient-reported data, more control over timelines, and improved patient engagement.

Experience You Can Trust

  • Rest assured knowing Medrio ePRO has supported 330+ studies across all therapeutic areas and stages of research
  • Lean on our experts with 25+ years combined eCOA/ePRO experience to better navigate regulatory guidelines, survey design, licensing, and more
  • Support common validated survey instruments, such as: EQ5D, SF-12, and FACT scales

Improve Patient Engagement

  • Collect data at home, at work, or in-clinic on whichever device meets your patient’s needs
  • Improve compliance with flexible scheduling based on patients’ timezones, closeout windows that support time-sensitive data collection, and patient-friendly notifications that integrate with each patient’s lifestyle
  • Provide your patients with their past answers as a reference for future comparative questions

A Unified ePRO and EDC Platform

  • Simplify set-up and eliminate the need for multiple vendors, UAT, and training coordination
  • Improve patient safety and AE detection with real-time access to clinical and patient-reported data in one platform