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Device & Diagnostic Studies Made Easy

With Game-Changing eClinical Efficiency

Medical device and diagnostic studies need an easier process for bringing products to market. Our fast and intuitive eClinical solutions help simplify your trial operations without excessive costs, build times, and logistical headaches. 

Fast and Intuitive Software for Device & Diagnostic Trials

We’ve worked with some of the most innovative device & diagnostics companies across the globe and we understand your need for agile solutions. Our easy-to-use, unified platform allows your device researchers to streamline data collection, improve patient engagement, and ensure compliance in a changing regulatory landscape. We also know how to address your specific diagnostic needs such as blinding, bulk upload of external data, and analysis tools to provide a straightforward diagnostic platform. Become one of the nearly 1,000 device or diagnostic trials we’ve helped support since 2008.

Get Up and Running in a Snap

With sites, samples, and data to manage—you’re too busy to deal with complex, manual processes. Build studies on your own in days instead of months, make mid-study changes with a few clicks of a mouse, and instantly upload and access bulk study data without any programming or IT support. Our quick and flexible solutions—along with robust resources and 24/7 Customer Support—are here to help you keep your device & diagnostic studies on track! 

The whole process with Medrio is so much simpler. Monitoring is easy and the data is always visible—if there’s something like a trend or event you need to know about, you know it immediately. We still have one study using paper CRF, but we’re closing it. There’s no way we’ll ever go back to paper.

Lihi Liviata, Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory, Medi-Tate Ltd

Giving You Total Control

When you need to report all SAEs, control of your IPs is critical. Our quick and flexible eClinical platform was designed to keep your trials flexible, efficient, and—most importantly—in your control. Deploy your mid-study changes according to your needs and on your schedule; and access real-time data for review, analysis, and collaboration with partners. 

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

By eliminating your need for programming or IT expenses, you can reallocate that extra budget where you really need it—such as recruitment efforts or offering complete PRO surveys from home. We offer powerful eClinical solutions that even smaller budgets can utilize by offering an unlimited number of sites at no extra cost and only paying for features you actually need. 

Bridge the Gap for Your Distributed Sites

With offline capabilities, you can close the gaps in your device trials and diagnostic studies. Share data from your dispersed sites remotely or consolidate your workflow by uploading bulk data samples in real-time. Get access to our dynamic reports—on or offline—and stay up-to-date on remote site performance anywhere, anytime. 

The Medrio Difference for Medical Device Research & Diagnostics

Medrio EDC

Our innovative cloud-based EDC platform helps you build studies in days instead of months and make mid-study changes fast, easy, and in your control. Leverage cutting-edge modules like bulk data uploads, unlimited sites and subjects, dictionary coding, and randomization. And ensure data quality with real-time edit checks.

Medrio eConsent

Accelerate your consenting process and improve your compliance with our innovative tablet application. Medrio eConsent makes comprehension easier for subjects and streamlines operations at sites.

Medrio ePRO

With Medrio’s web-based ePRO , you can stay better attuned to the patient experience, as well as cater to patient convenience by allowing patients to fill out PRO surveys via email from the comfort of their own homes.

Medrio DDC

Medrio’s DDC solution lets you capture source data directly into a tablet, where it’s instantly visible at all sites and pre-integrated with our EDC. Reduce the burden of source data verifications and manual data transfers with streamlined monitoring that gets your products to market faster.

Medrio RTSM

Our Randomization and Trial Supply Management solution can address any trial design and randomization need while simultaneously reducing waste by up to 40%. Best of all – it seamlessly integrates into our EDC giving you real-time data and increased accuracy.

Professional Services

Here when you need us. Sometimes you need extra assistance, and we’re here to provide help when you need it. Lean on our experts for study builds, licensing, custom reporting, API implementation, and more!

Do You Want to Accelerate Your Studies?