Life Science Challenges

And How to Overcome Them

Focus On Your Studies, Not Your Vendors

We pride ourselves on providing the solution that is just right for you. A solution that’s powerful, but also easy to use. Once you add in transparent pricing— along with all the support, training, and service you need, whenever you need it—you’ll understand why we call our customers our partners.  Our solutions let you focus more on your patients and less on managing multiple vendors.

Complex Designs Don’t Have to Increase Timelines and Cost

Studies are complex, but building them doesn’t have to be. Our CDASH and study template options get you up and running quickly while giving you full control.  If your situation changes mid-study,  our test environments will have you proceeding with confidence—no hyperventilation (or database migration) required. Our integrated data collection solutions produce higher quality data while saving you time and money.

Budget Surprises Are Rough - Medrio’s EDC Won’t Be One of Them

You’ll always have the complete picture with our transparent and straightforward pricing model—no hidden fees, no extra costs. You have enough to worry about, so cross EDC pricing headaches off your list.

Solutions That Evolve With a Changing Industry

If nothing else, 2020 showed us that we can’t rely on traditional study models.  Medrio’s integrated eConsent, EDC, ePRO, and Direct Capture solutions are designed to meet the needs of any study type—traditional, virtual, or even hybrid trials.  Reduce your need for time-consuming data reconciliation, while improving remote patient access, retention and engagement.  Rely on our services to help you ride the next wave of trial evolution.

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