Enhanced ePRO, SDV, and More: A Look At Medrio’s New Release

Finger on computer keyboard for new Medrio release

Clinical research is an engine of innovation. The industry is constantly enhancing its processes to find better, faster ways to save lives. So naturally, at Medrio, we see it as part of our mission to do everything we can to keep up – to refine our technology to meet the evolving needs of the researchers we serve.

This weekend, the latest round of enhancements to our eClinical platform go live. Today, we’re offering a peek at the new features. Let’s take a look at what Medrio users can expect when they come into work next week and log into the system.

Operational data separation for better GDPR compliance

In a clinical trial, it’s often necessary to collect data beyond what’s included in the protocol. That extra data is often important for sites, but not something that monitors or sponsors need to spend time reviewing. Trial sites that use Medrio EDC can now more easily collect data not pertinent to the protocol – this could be data around subjects, methods, or operations – without having to include that data in the submission casebook, where it could distract from other data that’s essential for monitors and sponsors to review. This update goes a long way toward improving Medrio’s already strong GDPR compliance.

ePRO web enhancements

As clinical research becomes ever more patient-centric, it’s more important than ever to listen to the voice of the patient throughout the course of a trial. That’s why our new release includes crucial updates to Medrio ePRO, our application for electronic patient-reported outcomes. The new Medrio ePRO has an updated user interface that makes it easier to design and deploy ePRO surveys, as well as better support for validated instruments and visual analog scales (VAS). Crucially, it also includes support for uploading photos, so that patients can include photographic PRO data with their submissions.

Crucial efficiency through targeted SDV

Source data verification (SDV) is an especially costly and time-consuming process, and performing 100% SDV has often proven unnecessary. Medrio’s eSource platform for direct data capture has done a lot to reduce this burden. In our new feature release, we’re going further by including targeted SDV capabilities. This feature allows users to designate variables as optional, allowing monitors to move on to the next step without performing SDV on that data. This frees up monitors to be more efficient by focusing only on data that is pivotal to the trial or reflects safety signals – and can improve monitoring efficiency and reduce monitor burnout.

The updates in our new release come from customer requests, regulatory shifts in clinical research, or a combination of the two. We can’t wait to see how they enhance our customers’ research and their use of our EDC.