Fully Integrated CTMS

A Single Source of Truth for Clinical Trial Management

Revolutionizing Data Collection and Management

Stop wasting time on data delays and disparate systems. Medrio and PHARMASEAL’s seamless integration offers unified data collection and management by combining electronic data capture (EDC), randomization and trial supply management system (RTSM), clinical trial management system (CTMS), and electronic master file (eTMF) into a single solution. This isn’t just another piece of technology to learn and manage. When integrated together, our powerful solutions reduce redundancies and maximize trial efficiencies to save you time, money, and unnecessary stress. 

Meet Linda

Linda has worked for the same CRO for over 15 years. Lately, her go-to EDC vendor has not been keeping up with her sponsors’ needs, resulting in a noticeable data lag between the CTMS and EDC. Linda’s sponsors are mad that their reports are delayed. Linda’s sites are frustrated that their payments are delayed. And Linda needs a better solution…fast!

For a new study, Linda decides to try Medrio and PHARMASEAL. Their integrated systems make set-up a breeze and Linda’s boss jokes, “It’s like the systems magically talk to each other!” Thanks to a mixture of pre-built forms, standardized configurations, and expedited data sharing, Linda’s study is go-live and inspection-level ready in half the time. Best of all, she no longer has to stress about regulatory audits since all documents she needs are ready on-demand!

Linda now has full control to run custom reports for sponsors and make data-driven decisions. Her sites run more efficiently with built-in audit trails and timely payments. Linda is wondering why she stuck so long with her legacy vendor in the first place.

By joining forces with Medrio, we will simplify clinical trial management for customers with more user-friendly interfaces, reduced data duplication, and improved trial management visibility, along with the adaptability to suit the needs of different clinical trial designs across all phases of clinical research

Daljit Cheema, CEO , PHARMASEAL

How We Do It

Participant consent, reporting, randomization, and trial supply data captured by Medrio EDC is sent to PHARMASEAL’s Engility® platform, where it auto-populates information on patient and study activities. Your EDC data is also automatically reflected in your eTMF, ensuring that it’s always accurate and up-to-date.

This integration provides full visibility into what’s happening in your trial, so you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to manage costs, meet timelines, and protect study outcomes.

By partnering with PHARMASEAL, we are offering our customers full access and visibility into their data through a unified system. By integrating Medrio’s eClincal suite with Englity®, we eliminate missing data from your electronic trial master file (eTMF) and errors caused by switching between systems.

Fred Martin, Chief Product Officer, Medrio

The Value of Integration



Because Engility® is powered by data directly from Medrio’s EDC, you can be confident that you’re always viewing the latest study data in Engility’s dashboards, visualizations, and reports. You can also be confident that you’re well prepared to administer regulatory documents when the time comes.



Our integration eliminates the need for manual duplicate data entry across platforms. Instead, EDC data is automatically reflected in Engility®, so you can avoid unnecessary mistakes.



Reduce redundant efforts from site staff by using a solution that seamlessly passes data from one platform to another. Numerous in-platform capabilities reduce inefficiencies and prevent your study teams from having to navigate between platforms and potentially degrade data quality and accuracy. The more studies Engility® is used for, the smarter it becomes, ultimately increasing its value to you.



Business intelligence capabilities offer easy and intuitive study oversight, whether you want to take a quick glance at a pre-built performance dashboard or drill down into a custom report to identify the root cause of an issue. No matter your goal, with Medrio’s eClinical suite and Engility®, you can maintain close oversight of study performance.

Are You Ready to Step Into the Future?