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Meet Our Partner


Sapient Biometrics

SapientBiometrics is a clinical trial biometrics CRO and Functional Service Provider (FSP). With utmost proficiency, they manage clinical trial data, develop statistical programs & perform statistical analyses. They strive to minimize the response turnaround time on all requests. SapientBioMetrics believe in efficiently resolving the minute issues. Should they ever identify higher priority items, you will always be immediately informed with the proposed solution.

Hands-on clinical trials proficiency with a wide range of drug & device therapeutics enables us to expeditiously produce deliverables. Day by day they integrate seamlessly with clinical trial operations groups like yours; they effectively function as extended team members. Sapient simplifies studies. Thanks in part to a state of the art eClinical infrastructure, Sapient functions with global reach. Currently they have Biometric operation centers in the Boston & San Francisco Bay areas with additional locations coming shortly.

For more information, please visit www.sapientbio.com