COVID-19 Medrio Response

Committed to Your Continued Success and Support

As the world grapples with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, it’s important to remember
that this is a shared experience for us all. In these challenging times it’s imperative
to have a network of support, both personally and professionally. Medrio is committed
to continuing our support in advancing new therapeutics, and to making an impact in our community.

A New Normal

How Clinical Trials Can Stay on Track

In the coming months we will all be adjusting to a “new normal,” but what impact will that have on the clinical trials industry as a whole? Evidence is suggesting that more studies will look towards decentralization as a solution in the short term with attempts to go fully virtual in the long term. Clinical trials have rapidly been shifting away from paper as mounting evidence shows that decentralized trials produce higher quality data and illicit better compliance from patients.

New Possibilities & Worldwide Collaboration

Check out our discussion with Bola Oyegunwa, Vice President and Global Head of Hybrid and Virtual Trials at Covance as we discuss the rise of decentralized trials.


Medrio’s COVID-19 Pandemic Guide

We’re here to help you think through critical action items and keep your study going.


The Medrio Difference: A Unified Platform

EDC, ePRO, eCOA, eConsent, and DDC in a unified, pre-validated, click-to-configure platform.

Traditional systems require custom
integrations between eSource technology
(ePRO/eCOA, DDC, eConsent) and EDC resulting
in cumbersome mid-study changes, knowledge
of multiple design tools, and slower access to
data and insights.

Our eSource suite is unified with our EDC,
meaning no custom integrations are required,
allowing for real-time access to clinical and
patient-reported data, resulting in faster
insights and improved patient-safety.

With Medrio’s Unified Platform You Can:

Recruit &
Retain Patients

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Reduce Patient &
Site Burden

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Offer the Convenience
of Technology

Enhance Data

Remain Compliant with
Regulatory Agencies

Prepare for the future by discovering the Medrio difference today.