At Topstone Research, Medrio Equips a Busy Data Management Team with Efficient EDC

Topstone Research was eager to expand their service offerings. Their new in-house data management team was looking for an effective EDC system that would allow them to not only manage a number of ongoing clinical trials, but also to take on a rescue trial that required the import of thousands of records from the previous system into the new one. The Topstone Data Management team decided Medrio was the ideal EDC for their new and growing needs.



  • Conducted vendor selection
  • Tasked with developing in-house Data Management infrastructure from scratch
  • Took over multiple ongoing clinical trials
  • Needed efficient EDC with easy setup

  • Introduced to Medrio and decided to implement Medrio at Topstone
  • Immediately found Medrio straightforward and user-friendly
  • Impressed by bulk upload feature, integration capability, absence of programming requirement, and more

  • Ultimately reduced study build to under 5 weeks, beating industry standard
  • Managed multiple simultaneous demands with ease
  • Able to run clinical trials smoothly across all study phases














As Contract Research Organizations (CROs) experience growth and success, expansion of service offerings can be a logical step in their continued support of their clients’ needs. Topstone Research, a CRO based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and founded in 2012, knew that they were ready to add to their arsenal of services in early 2016.


While Topstone initially offered Clinical Monitoring, Project Management, Drug Safety, Quality Assurance, and Medical Monitoring, their long-term vision had always been to become a full-service CRO. In April 2016, the team decided to start setting things in motion to bring data management in-house, further developing their package of specialized clinical trial management services. Topstone quickly recognized that they had to find the right eClinical tools, not only to support the development of their new data management infrastructure, but to meet the demands of ongoing clinical trials with limited time and resources.




Prior to bringing data management in-house, Topstone’s data management services were provided by a third-party vendor. For this reason, Topstone’s executive management had to start from scratch in developing their own data management team. They hired Bilal Muhammad to build out Topstone’s entire data management infrastructure, from developing SOPs to hiring multiple data managers. Additionally, Bilal was responsible for evaluating and determining which EDC system the new team would utilize.


While Bilal was busy with these objectives, the Topstone Data Management team was taking over ongoing clinical trials previously managed by their data management provider. They were then contracted by a sponsor who was mid-study and looking to switch to a new CRO. In addition to his already demanding workload and limited time and resources, this meant that Bilal now had to jump into a rescue study without interrupting the momentum of the other ongoing studies and the development of his new team.


“We needed a system that could be set up easily and could accommodate this big challenge. With most of the other EDC systems, you need programming knowledge, like JavaScript or something similar.” – Bilal Muhammad, Senior Director of Clinical Data Management and Biostastics




Having worked at various organizations in the clinical research industry, Bilal was familiar with several EDC systems. As he got involved in the ongoing studies previously handled by Topstone’s data management provider, he was introduced to Medrio, as this was their system of choice for multiple trials. Bilal’s initial impressions of Medrio were that the system is straightforward and user-friendly.


“The system is easy to use. Someone with very little background knowledge in EDC and programming could be trained and start building studies quickly and efficiently,” – Bilal Muhammad, Senior Director of Clinical Data Management and Biostastics


The more Bilal dove into the system, the more he recognized that for various reasons, Medrio was an ideal system for a boutique CRO establishing in-house data management for the first time, a significant differentiator being the ease of study setup. The ability to set up the system easily without any programming expertise was especially crucial for him as he searched for data managers to join his team, as many may not have the programming background that is often required to successfully navigate other EDC platforms.


Key Features for Topstone

Beyond Medrio’s user-friendly interface, which does not require programming skills to navigate, there were numerous other features that enabled the new, developing data management team to manage their heavy workload, which included a rescue study requiring the import of thousands of previously collected records.

  • Bulk Upload: This was critical for the rescue study, which had over 20,000 records of legacy data.
  • Bulk Import and Data Upload: Topstone deemed these essential to successfully uploading the old data into the new system and keeping trial operations running smoothly.
  • Integration: Topstone has used Medrio’s application programming interfaces (API) to integrate Medrio with their chosen IRT, saving time and money.




Topstone was able to get their first study set up with Medrio in five weeks, much faster than the industry standard of six to ten weeks for study startup. After completing some product training and accumulating more study build experience, Topstone was able to shorten that timeline to less than five weeks with their third study. More importantly, Bilal was able to balance numerous demanding tasks, from setting up the entire infrastructure of Topstone’s new data management team, including creating their SOPs, to interviewing and hiring data managers and building and
managing multiple concurrent studies with Medrio.


“As we started data management in-house, this was the perfect system for me and my team. We can run Phase I-IV trials without any issue and it is a very successful system for data management execution.” – Bilal Muhammad, Senior Director of Clinical Data Management and Biostastics


The simplicity and efficiency of Medrio allowed Bilal to offset the demands and complexities of his workload. “Building out an in-house data management team is a major project; doing so while in the midst of several ongoing studies is even more demanding,” commented Mike Novotny, founder and CEO of Medrio. “I’m proud that Medrio’s software was simple and intuitive enough to facilitate this process without adding any complexities or delays.”


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