Advance Research Associates Finds a Strong eClinical Partner in Medrio


  • Meet tight sponsor timelines
  • Keep costs to clients as low as possible
  • Enter and manage data without downtime
Why Medrio?

  • Up to 50% reduction in study build time
  • Make mid-study changes in minutes
  • Obtain straightforward and predictable pricing

  • 100% of clients are repeat or referral
  • Exceptional customer satisfaction
  • Win more repeat sponsor business









Advance Research Associates (ARA) has been helping pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device companies succeed in clinical trials for more than 23 years. Having completed 700 studies for over 300 clients globally, ARA excels in Data Management and Biostatistics in all therapeutic areas and can support studies both small and large. They hold an impressive track record of sponsor satisfaction with a high repeat business rate.


ARA has used Medrio EDC in their clinical trials for nearly ten years. During that time, they’ve gained efficiencies that have strengthened them in meeting their company goals.



“Our ultimate goal is the success of our clients’ studies.” – Simon Read, Account Manager, Sponsor Relations, Advance Research Associates


Pharmaceutical and medical device researchers broadly acknowledge the competitive advantage that comes with being first to market. Every month of lead time ahead of a competitor can mean controlling considerably higher market share over the long term. For this reason, clinical research sponsors seek to expedite the clinical trial process with contract research organizations (CROs) that can complete studies rapidly and with high-quality data.


To meet sponsor needs, a central challenge for ARA is keeping timelines on schedule and costs as low as possible. Especially when working with smaller companies that have limited resources, saving time and money can have an immense impact on a trial’s success. “Our ultimate goal is the success of our clients’ studies,” says Simon Read, Account Manager, Sponsor Relations at Advance Research Associates.


To deliver consistent results and ultimately create lasting relationships with sponsors, ARA needs fast and flexible eClinical tools. Having the ability to set up studies easily, collect data accurately, and make mid-study changes without study downtime saves their clients time and money – and increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.


Why Medrio?

“The ease of entering data and making changes is crucial to staying on time and budget. In Medrio, we can make changes in a matter of minutes or hours, which is why our clients keep coming back to us.” – Michelle Stoddard, Sr. Director, Clinical Data Management, Advance Research Associates


Cumbersome EDC software often results in slow and inaccurate data collection, which is why many CROs rank intuitive design as a high priority. A significant factor contributing to Medrio’s appeal to ARA is researchers’ ability to build studies themselves through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This feature allows them to reduce study build time by up to one half compared to other systems. It also provides a critical measure of control, since there is no need for programming or outside professional services. ARA has found Medrio especially useful in studies with less intricate casebooks and databases. “Medrio is just incredibly fast,” says Stoddard. “For many companies we do business with, this makes all the difference.”


On top of this, ARA found value in Medrio’s ability to make mid-study changes easily and rapidly. This capacity has provided a competitive advantage in retaining high satisfaction with sponsors. “The ease of entering data and making changes due to things like amendments is crucial to staying on time and budget,” says Stoddard. “We can make changes in a matter of minutes or hours, which is why our clients keep coming back to us.”


Finally, ARA highlighted Medrio’s transparent pricing structure. They’ve found the sales process easy and painless and appreciate that there are no hidden fees for the additional modules they occasionally need.



“Our customers who use Medrio stick with it.” – Simon Read, Account Manager, Sponsor Relations, Advance Research Associates


For ten years, Medrio’s speed and ease of use have been a valuable part of ARA’s toolbox. Read explains, “Our clients who use Medrio stick with it.” It has contributed to ARA’s ability to deliver impressive results, get more referrals and repeat business, and preserve a remarkable reputation. The company’s partnership with Medrio has factored into ARA’s current customer landscape: 72% of their current clients are repeat business, and the remaining 28% are referral.


For Advance Research Associates, their success is helping clients to achieve their highest objectives consistently. They tailor solutions to fit their clients’ needs and value the strength of the personal relationship developed between client and partner through daily communication.




About Advance Research Associates

Advance Research Associates (ARA) has a 23-year track record of providing data management and biostatistical services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries. ARA provides innovative and customizable solutions based on our client’s needs. ARA has supported over 700 clinical trials for domestic and international clients across all therapeutic areas. Further information is available at


About Medrio

Medrio is the leading provider of eClinical technology for early-phase pharma, device, and diagnostics clinical trials. Founded in 2005, the company’s cloud-based EDC, eSource, eConsent, and ePRO solutions deliver fast, flexible, and easy-to-use tools for the collection and management of clinical data and patient reported outcome responses. Study sponsors and contract research organizations have used Medrio extensively in clinical trials across a wide array of therapeutic areas, with notable success in oncology, infectious disease, and more. Medrio has extensive experience in all study phases and leads the market in early-phase trials. The company serves over 500 customers globally, with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in numerous domestic and international locations. For more information, please visit