Talking eSource, Product, and Rock & Roll at mSquared 2016

It has now been a week since Medrio’s 2016 mSquared user conference in downtown San Francisco, where 79 customers joined Medrio staff for a multitude of fascinating presentations and discussions. The program included speeches and demonstrations from a number of our customers, including some of our top Phase I customers, who, combined, have over a dozen active or completed Phase I studies on Medrio. This year’s theme was “Medrio Rocks”: classic rock hits played on the soundsystem between presentations, and Dr. GoodData sported long hair and sunglasses for the occasion. The conference couldn’t have gone better, and we’re still basking in the afterglow. Now that the confetti has been swept up and the last guest has gone home, we thought we’d look at the highlights of what turned out to be one of the best mSquared conferences we’ve ever had.

mSource is Revealed
eSource technology is shaping up to be the next big thing in the eClinical industry. Never one to miss an opportunity, Medrio has incorporated that technology into a suite of new and exciting products called mSource. In order to best reflect the majority of the studies Medrio serves, we’ve geared mSource mostly toward Phase I research; its capabilities are expanding, however, and we ultimately expect it to be utilized beyond Phase I. At the conference, we offered guests a demo of the two mSource products that have already been released, mPro and mCapture, as well as a preview of mConsent, a third product due for release later this year. We also hosted a panel discussion in which Medrio users showcased the ways they’ve utilized eSource technology in their research.

Medrio Opens its Ears
mSquared was born out of a desire to check in periodically with our customers. After all, Medrio serves studies all over the country and the world, and it can be rare that staff and customers meet face-to-face. With that in mind, we made sure to dedicate some time at the conference for users to let us know what we’re doing right, what we’re not, and what they’d like to see more of. This included feedback sessions, one-on-one appointments, and even the occasional impromptu group discussion during the Q and A segment of a presentation. We learned a lot, and got some really helpful input. Our goal now is to implement as many of the suggestions we received as we can before next year, so that when mSquared 2017 comes along, our guests will know they were heard and taken seriously.

Time to Unwind
Another priority of the conference was to get to know our customers not just as colleagues, but as people. Besides, no one likes to fly all the way across the country strictly for business. That’s why we decided to bookend mSquared with happy-hour style opening and closing receptions in the Medrio office right next to the hotel. On the second evening of the conference, we even threw a dance party on the 40th-floor balcony of the Loews hotel, complete with an open bar and a live band playing classic rock favorites. Everyone had a great time, and it proved to be the perfect finale to a long and fruitful day of presentations.

mSquared is consistently one of the most exciting times of year at Medrio. We love the chance to extend our hospitality to those who have opened accounts with us and joined the Medrio family. We already can’t wait for next year.

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