Right-Size Your Technology and Unlock New Efficiencies in Medical Device and Diagnostics Trials

With the constant pressures to do more with less, it can be overwhelming for medical device and diagnostics (MDD) researchers to plan out clinical trials while supporting the vast array of technology and services. 

Where big pharma may have the time and budgets to utilize multiple pieces of technology and/or multiple software platforms, research teams in the device and diagnostics spaces need to be mindful and selective amid pressures to get to market as quickly as possible. Adopting new technologies takes time, and any delays can mean loss of market share.

Luckily, by implementing flexible, right-sized technologies and services, MDD organizations can keep studies moving with the confidence that they are collecting the right data.

What is Right-Sizing?

Maybe it is obvious, but right-sizing in regard to medical device studies means using only those technologies and platforms that A) work well in helping to gather or analyze endpoint data and, B) do not add unnecessary complexity to your workflows. MDD researchers rarely have the luxury of trial and error when it comes to choosing the tools and solutions they need to conduct an effective study. 

Proven technologies that play well with the established electronic data capture (EDC) and other eClinical solutions help drive process and workflow efficiency. This can be accomplished through partnering with technology vendors familiar with the unique needs of MDD research.

The Value of Right-Sizing

The benefits of right-sizing clinical research technologies can play a significant role in the success of MDD studies. What are those benefits? They include:

No More Hidden Costs

Using eClinical technology solutions built with pharma trials in mind can leave non-pharma researchers paying for features and functionality that they simply do not need. Many of these packaged, “one-size fits all” solutions have these bells and whistles so ingrained in their systems that they cannot be removed. Working with a vendor that understands the MDD space allows researchers to identify and pay for only the solutions and workflows they intend to use, increasing transparency and protecting budgets.

Get More Out of Trial Data

Many MDD trials still rely on paper outcome assessments. There are obvious benefits of moving beyond paper such as reducing human error and eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming manual data validation. More importantly, though, keeping paper records severely limits the power of trial data. Paper forms cannot benefit from data management and analysis technologies that inform study teams of critical trial benchmarks and empower them to act on real-time data insights.

With an eClinical suite made specifically for MDD, workflows can be simplified making the transition from paper to electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) seamless. Electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) assessment solutions can collect data online or offline — anytime, anywhere — and sync directly to the EDC. 

This gives study teams better and deeper visibility into their data, allowing them to recognize and respond to potential issues more quickly so they can better preserve trial timelines. For example, integrating all study technologies — EDC, ePRO, eConsent, and more — across a single suite designed for MDD trials can enable study teams to make proactive decisions based on near real-time data, standardized across systems and dispersed teams. This data is then actualized through flexible and easy-to-use reporting.

Getting Started With Right-Sized MDD Studies

Medrio has helped more than 180 MDD companies right-size their clinical trial solutions in over 500 studies. We understand how to design technology solutions that fit MDD studies, providing the right tools to get the job done without any hidden features that add cost without adding value. We focus on delivering technology that is easy to use and easy to learn, helping MDD makers get their studies up and running quickly.

Our system’s flexibility and ease of integration with other technologies minimizes study team labor requirements, making team members happier and allowing them to focus less on manual data entry and more on the aspects of their jobs they love, like connecting with patients. Unifying all data within one platform allows for faster data collection and more precise data.

Working with a vendor like Medrio to right-size clinical trial technology solutions can help MDD leaders run more efficient, cost-effective studies and get their new products and therapies to market faster. Learn more about Medrio’s MDD offerings or reach out today to arrange a demo.

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