Phase I Collaboration: PharPoint Research & Medrio CloudEDC™

In our last article with PharPoint Research, we discussed how being first to market is essential, as first-movers usually acquire significantly greater market share. Having a contract research organization (CRO) that guarantees fast timelines, while simultaneously mitigating the risk of errors, means deadlines will be met and provides a clear competitive advantage (something that can be difficult in this industry). For these reasons, it is important to choose a CRO that seamlessly integrates a clinical trial software, such as Medrio, to meet deadlines quickly while also fitting your budget.  PharPoint Research is just this kind of CRO.

PharPoint Research is an innovative, full service CRO based in North Carolina that is focused on getting clients to market efficiently by providing high-quality clinical trial management services. Since 2010, PharPoint Research has been using Medrio as its preferred system for Phase I and II electronic data capture (EDC) because of Medrio’s smooth clinical site integration, affordable price, and fast timelines. A clinical project manager at PharPoint explains, “Medrio’s user friendly design allows for streamlined training, making it an ideal system to implement at clinical sites without sacrificing an extensive feature set.”

PharPoint’s clinical staff agrees that Medrio is user friendly. Their director of clinical operations delves into more detail, “Medrio design facilitates easy adoption by sites who are new to EDC studies or migrating from another system. Navigation is intuitive and the different data views help sites understand how data is being processed. Medrio’s home page status displays allow sites to view outstanding queries or easily pinpoint which forms are ready for the Private Investigator’s signature.”


“Medrio’s design facilitates easy adoption by sites who are new to EDC studies or migrating from another system. Navigation is intuitive and the different data views help sites understand how data is being processed.”

— Director of Clinical Operations at PharPoint Research


Recently, PharPoint and Medrio sent a survey to clinical sites and data managers that examined how Medrio’s user friendly software, combined with PharPoint’s experience, is leading to efficient timelines and repeat business. Most of those surveyed agreed that Medrio has fast startup times and is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Those data managers surveyed came from a wide variety of ages between 20 and 65, most of whom have been using Medrio for under one year.   When asked to describe the best aspects of Medrio, survey participants most often replied that it is easy to use, easy to learn, and user friendly.




The data demonstrates how successful the partnership between PharPoint Research and Medrio has been for Phase I and II studies. By being an accredited Medrio partner, PharPoint is able to build databases in house, which contributes to their fast timelines by cutting down on study database startup times.  There is no clunky software and there is no need to hire a programmer for the software setup. This, along with their clinical experience and flexibility as a CRO, leads to faster timelines and repeat business.


About PharPoint Research

Headquartered in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, PharPoint Research is an award-winning, full service CRO devoted to the administration and implementation of Phase I through IV clinical studies. Specializing in project management, clinical monitoring, data management and biostatistics, PharPoint Research understands the importance of responsiveness and timely deliverables with exceptional quality. PharPoint has a wide breadth of experience with Phase I Clinical Trials in therapeutic areas such as oncology, immunology, and hearing loss.

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About Medrio

Medrio offers an integrated eClinical software platform with a fully hosted EDC system. Their revolutionary CloudEDC™ technology features an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, allowing study managers to build their studies in days instead of months without any programming required. Medrio’s new mobile suite, mSource, supports both event-based and subject-based workflows, offline data entry, and PRO. Although Medrio has vast experience in all study phases, with over 500 Phase I trials to date, its m1 application leads the way in Phase I trials. Plus, Medrio costs up to 75% less than traditional EDC solutions!

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