Medrio Quick Facts

As eClinical data management continues its march toward becoming the norm in clinical research, the landscape becomes increasingly populated with companies offering EDC. It can be difficult for EDC providers to stand out among broadening competition. Here at Medrio, we’ve grown with the times and created a model that has kept us unique as the industry develops. Here’s a quick look at the ways we’ve remained a leader in EDC for clinical research.

Medrio offers CloudEDC™

While traditional EDC allows clinical data to be stored in an organized, efficient platform, the data can only be accessed on a hard drive. CloudEDC™ offers a web-based upgrade to this technology, allowing information to be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Medrio requires no programming

Many EDC companies require their customers to possess skills in programming or coding in order to operate their software. Medrio is not one of those companies. All the programming needs of Medrio’s software are taken care of, so you can focus on what you do best: building your studies and managing your data.

Medrio is on board with the eSource revolution

A traditional EDC system can significantly reduce paper usage in a clinical trial, but cannot completely eliminate it. Patient data is only entered into an EDC system after site personnel record it on paper. eSource allows patient data to be entered directly into an EDC system with no paper involved, through tablets and other devices. This technology is rapidly becoming the new norm in data management for clinical trials. Medrio has staked a position at the forefront of this trend, and is in the process of rolling out mSource, a suite of eSource-equipped products that our customers have already fallen in love with. The mSource package includes products for capturing Patient Reported Outcomes, electronic signatures, and more.

Medrio offers eClinical services with a focus on Phase I of clinical research

In Phase I trials (also known as first-in-human trials), the primary goal is to determine if a treatment is safe and well-tolerated in humans. Some Phase I trials test for efficacy as a secondary goal. While Medrio has extensive experience in all study Phases, we specialize in Phase I. Our Phase I-specific product, m1, has been used in over 500 Phase I trials to date.