Medrio Leads the Way to Paperless Clinical Trials

Medrio, a Software as a Service company providing cutting-edge eClinical solutions for clinical trials, continues to enhance and expand its native eSource tablet application, which empowers clinical trial site staff to capture clinical source data electronically with no paper involved. Steps the company has taken in this effort include new upgrades to the platform’s functionality, particularly around navigation and form visibility.

“Using Medrio’s mobile tablet app for paperless and direct electronic data capture has been a time- and money-saving development that we and our study sites have eagerly embraced,” said Jennifer McCrea, Clinical Research Manager at Aspire Bariatrics.

Medrio’s expanded efforts reflect a recognition that eSource is becoming the new benchmark of a fast and effective clinical research organization. In a fast-moving clinical research industry in which competitive edge belongs to the most technologically equipped organizations, the new Medrio features are expected to further increase the trial volume of sponsors and CROs.

“We see eSource as a fundamental component of the future of clinical data management and monitoring,” says Fred Martin, Vice President of Product at Medrio. “With pressure to complete studies faster and increase compliance and transparency while at the same time reducing cost, the industry is moving rapidly to capture data at its source via eSource. This is the new standard in clinical research, and with growing enthusiasm among regulators, there has never been a better time to benefit from this innovative technology.”

By extending eClinical functionality to the site level, eSource completes the mission, initiated with the advent of EDC, of eliminating paper from data capture. This creates efficiencies that not only accelerate data collection and monitoring but reduce the burden on clinical trial patients and maximize the impact of their trial participation. At a time when clinical trials are increasing in scope and geography and patient centricity is becoming a higher priority, these efficiencies further add to the value of eSource for organizations that adopt now.

In addition, eSource unlocks a wide array of capabilities that allow clinical trial sponsors, CROs, and site staff to:

  • Capture data more quickly
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Share data in near-real time
  • Monitor data remotely
  • Reduce monitoring and SDV

Medrio is an early player in the eSource space, setting a standard for usability and accessibility that sets it apart in the market. The new product enhancements add to a number of differentiating features, such as the ability to enter data without an internet connection and sync the data to Medrio EDC when connectivity is restored, which further solidifies Medrio eSource as the best-in-class mobile eSource tablet application. For several years, Medrio users in the US, APAC, and other regions have yielded major business benefits from Medrio eSource.

As eSource adoption expands across the industry, organizations looking to maintain their competitive edge, sharpen their patient focus and not fall behind in the market should learn more about Medrio eSource on the company’s website or by contacting Medrio directly.

About Medrio

Medrio is a leading healthcare technology company providing eClinical solutions including EDC, eSource, and ePRO for clinical research. Founded in 2005, the company’s cloud-based software platform and mobile suite of products deliver fast, flexible, and easy-to-use tools for the collection and management of clinical data and patient-reported outcome responses. Study sponsors and contract research organizations have used Medrio extensively across drug, device, diagnostic, and animal health trials. Medrio has extensive experience in all study phases and leads the market in early-phase trials. The company serves over 500 customers globally, with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in the US and across the globe. For more information, please visit

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