How a Data Management Challenge Becomes a Success Story

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Clinical trials are susceptible to all kinds of unforeseen changes: protocol amendments, patient attrition – even a mid-study switch to a new EDC. This was the challenge the research consultants at Study Builders faced after the EDC originally selected by their study sponsor fell short of meeting their needs. In the midst of a time-sensitive Phase 0 study, the decision to make the change to Medrio was a tough one – but both Medrio’s EDC and the researchers involved quickly proved nimble and flexible enough to make it work.

We thought the way Study Builders and their sponsor handled this challenge made for a pretty compelling story, and so we profiled it in our newest case study. Check it out here for more detail on how a challenge became a success story.

The difference makers in Medrio’s software

Here’s some background on the Medrio features that Study Builders found particularly well-suited to the study at hand:

  • Easy mid-study changes – Design changes can be a particularly prominent consideration in early phase studies, and we’ve thus made sure that our software includes the functionality to make these changes easily.
  • Skip logic – The ability to skip irrelevant fields on an eCRF unlocks big time savings in data entry. Given the time constraints Study Builders was facing, this efficiency was a big help.
  • Flexible training – Sponsors, CROs, and even individual users have varying needs when it comes to EDC training. We try to cater to these needs with by providing a variety of options for in-person and online EDC training.

Nothing is more thrilling to us than being an ally to clinical researchers doing big things in the face of big challenges. Check out the case study for more detail on how Study Builders handled those challenges.


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