ER Squared, Founded by an EDC Pioneer, Recommends Medrio for Animal Health

ER Squared is a life sciences consulting firm whose clientele includes, but is not limited to, pharmaceutical, biotech, and animal health companies. ER Squared’s EDC team has experience that spans the 3 decades of EDC systems, including the industry’s first adoption of EDC for 100% of domestic and international clinical trials. So when a client recently appealed to their expertise in selecting an EDC vendor for animal health clinical studies, ER Squared was well-equipped to oblige. After evaluating several alternatives, the Medrio platform was selected. There were several reasons for this decision, the most important of which were:

  • Medrio EDC supports multiple-subject data entry.
  • Medrio offers strong support for source data collection through offline data capture capabilities, delivered largely through the eSource-equipped product mCapture.
  • It is easy to setup and use trials in the Medrio system.

This would be the client’s first utilization of EDC for animal health trials. Medrio was judged to be best suited to ensure that users would associate the technology with convenience, ease of use, and utility in overcoming challenges associated with animal health studies, such as in-the-field data collection and handling the variability in study types and logistics.

The unique qualification of ER Squared

After extensive experience with EDC and biopharma, ER Squared has earned a strong reputation in the clinical research industry as a trusted source of EDC and eClinical recommendations. Their consultants include former biopharma workers, making them particularly qualified to advise biopharma projects today. As one of the early pioneers in EDC whose experience with the technology dates back over 30 years, founder Robert Musterer brings unparalleled expertise to guidance on EDC implementation. The ER Squared team also prides itself on the attention and focus it offers each client.

Having continuously worked with EDC from its nascent years to the broad and sophisticated capabilities it possesses today, ER Squared is not only able to assist clients in implementing Medrio software, but recognizes the potential of EDC to carry animal health research into the future. While EDC has ushered in a new age in medical research at large, one largely characterized by a wide range of technological advancements leading to significant savings in time and cost, there is unrealized potential for animal health in the adoption, selection, and deployment of EDC and other clinical tools. ER Squared offers their EDC and eClinical consulting to unlock this potential to allow clients to reap the value of new solutions and break away from historical processes.

How will they do it?

Effecting a change, however, may entail more than the simple presentation of available technology. There is a human element, as well. Across the workforce, advances in technology have increasingly opened doors to automation, causing some workers to feel their jobs are threatened. This same concern often exists in the clinical research industry, and has led to some resistance to the implementation of EDC technology. ER Squared has noted that the process of implementing EDC at a research company often focuses on the benefits to be gained from the technology while overlooking this important human element.

As a result, Medrio and ER Squared have taken a different approach to EDC implementation, one that values communication with research staff as much as establishing a useful technological resource. The consultants at ER Squared don’t merely advise their clients in EDC selection; they make it clear that EDC is a human-operated tool and provide training to client personnel, ensuring that all personnel possess the skill set necessary to thrive in an industry under the transformative influence of technology. The selection of Medrio for animal health studies is a testament to Medrio’s aptness for delivering this message. For those in the industry concerned that new technology will bring new, esoteric skill requirements to their jobs, Medrio’s ability to provide extensive EDC functionality with no required programming perfectly demonstrates that EDC can be integrated into the clinical trial process smoothly and without disruption.

It is this focus on the human element as a central tenet of change management, as well as their deep-rooted experience with EDC throughout all phases of its development, that puts ER Squared in a unique position to provide consultation to the growing market of animal health EDC. And it is because of Medrio’s user-friendly functionality that the expert consultants at ER Squared view the software as a prime candidate for smooth, manageable EDC implementation.

About ER Squared

ER Squared provides consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotech, animal health, and allied provider companies. We focus on business systems analysis for clients to review current processes, plan future state processes, evaluate commercial offerings, address change management, and implement new solutions and processes to reap the value of new solutions and break away from historical processes. We provide industry insights to assist allied providers with validation strategies, product roadmap planning, and go-to-market strategies.

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About Medrio

Medrio offers an integrated eClinical software platform with a fully hosted EDC system. Our revolutionary CloudEDC™ technology features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, allowing study managers to build their studies in days instead of months without requiring any programming. Medrio’s new mobile suite, mSource, supports both event-based and subject-based workflows, offline data entry, and Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO). Although Medrio has extensive experience in all study phases, our m1 application leads the way in early-phase and Phase I trials, with over 500 Phase I trials to date. Medrio costs up to 75% less than traditional EDC solutions. For more information, or to schedule a demonstration of our software, visit