2018 Recap: A Clinical Trial Software Innovator Looks Back and Ahead

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With 2018 coming to a close, people everywhere are working on their New Year’s resolutions, reflecting on how they can make the coming year their happiest and healthiest yet. As Medrio looks back on the year, we’re happy to report that we see good things. We’ve spent 2018 building a lot of momentum, both in our efforts to broaden the clinical trial software resources available to early phase pharma, medical device, and diagnostics organizations, and to connect with more researchers doing fascinating things to advance public health around the globe. This has set the stage for some ambitious goals for the new year.


Looking back: Big events in 2018

The changes we’ve experienced have not been arbitrary. Over the last year, we’ve worked to keep our evolution as a company aligned with the evolving needs of the clinical research industry. In our view, the following developments are meaningful not just as milestones for Medrio, but for their implications for researchers worldwide.

  • The arrival of eConsent – This year we were proud to finish work on Medrio eConsent, our newest tablet application, and release it to researchers everywhere. The platform is already helping organizations streamline site operations, enhance patient engagement, and strengthen regulatory compliance. And with regulators in favor of eConsent – GDPR calls for improved patient consent in clinical trials, and the FDA has released guidance for eConsent use – Medrio eConsent represents another opportunity for researchers to thrive in today’s clinical research landscape.

  • Sharpened focus – Over the past year, Medrio has initiated new partnerships with 13 organizations conducting early phase pharma, medical device, and diagnostics clinical trials – areas in which Medrio has always been most effective at delivering clinical trial success. These are organizations whose industries, in which trials often enroll small patient populations, use simple designs, and strive for short timelines, have long been underserved in a clinical trial software landscape that caters largely to large and complex studies. Our new partnerships mean more organizations in these industries have connected with an eClinical solution tailored specifically to their needs.

  • Expanding our leadership – 2018 was the biggest year yet for our expansion across the globe. We onboarded Managing Directors of EMEA and APAC to lead growth in Europe and Asia. On the domestic front, we took on new executives on the East Coast to oversee Medrio’s global business development operations. With this expansion, researchers in up-and-coming regions for our industry have more eClinical resources at their disposal.


2019: A new frontier for our clinical trial software

So what’s our 2019 New Year’s resolution? Given the momentum we’ve gathered throughout the course of this year, it seems the smart play may simply be to keep that momentum going. With that in mind, we’re resolving to keep working to deliver speed, ease of use, and simplicity to early-phase pharma, medical device, and diagnostics clinical researchers. And with our international team up and running and stronger than ever, we’re also looking to build new relationships with researchers in these fields based in Europe and Asia. Finally, we’re excited, in 2019, to see how Medrio eConsent enhances our customers’ operations – and to build upon the initial feedback we receive to make the platform even better.
It’s already looking like a good year – not just for Medrio, but for researchers looking to access the benefits of clinical trial software today. Happy New Year!