3 Items for the Clinical Research Industry’s Holiday Wishlist

As 2018 winds down and the holidays approach, the spirit of giving has begun. Many are reflecting on the year and setting new goals for 2019 – including clinical researchers. As the industry reflects on the past twelve months, we can see rapid change and strides to overcome long-standing research hurdles. Still, despite this progress, … Read More →

mHealth and Pharma: Bridging the Regulatory Gap

The often daunting challenges of pharmaceutical development are no secret: throughout the industry, stakeholders experience hefty price tags, lengthy timelines, and difficulties with patient recruitment and retention. According to Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers, it takes an average of ten years and $2.6 billion to develop a new drug – and there is typically just a … Read More →

How CROs Solve the eSource Conundrum

Contract research organizations have a fine line to walk. On one hand, they face the same mandate as anyone else involved with clinical research and drug development: delivering new treatments to market as rapidly as possible. This urgency has caused CROs to invest heavily in eClinical technology and other resources that unlock game-changing efficiencies, accelerating … Read More →

Don’t Miss Us at MAGI 2018 West!

This October, Fred Martin, Vice President of Product and Engineering at Medrio, will be at MAGI 2018 West to give a presentation and interface with industry professionals. Here’s Fred on his upcoming trip to San Diego for the conference. As we enter my favorite season (football, sweaters, autumn colors and the holidays), Medrio is approaching … Read More →

An eConsent Revolution Is on the Horizon

If you’ve read an industry publication in the past year, you probably read an article about electronic informed consent, or eConsent. It’s one of the hottest topics in the clinical trial space, and when we bring up that Medrio is finalizing the development of our eConsent tool, we always catch a lot of people’s attention. … Read More →

Get Ready for a New Wave of Diagnostics Innovation

On the power of recent discoveries and regulatory encouragement, the diagnostics industry is currently positioned as a central hub for healthcare innovation. The emerging focus on developing new technology to identify diseases at early, more treatable phases carries the potential to dramatically improve public health. Take a look at a few recent developments: 1. Breath … Read More →

Is Blockchain the Future of EDC for Clinical Trials?

When Medrio was founded in 2005, we had a hard time understanding why clinical trials weren’t embracing technology more. Things like cloud-based services, tablet-based data entry, and ePRO through email were pushing the envelope of what the industry thought was possible, but the industry was responding with objections that soon became familiar: “New technology moves … Read More →

Spreading the Word on Innovative eClinical Technology

We’ve been working hard, here at Medrio, not just to help our customers implement eSource at their clinical trial sites, but to spread the word about the game-changing capabilities this new era of eClinical technology unlocks for sites, sponsors, and CROs. To that end, we recently partnered with Clinical Leader, one of the foremost sources … Read More →