How Dictionary Coding Can Enhance Phase I

Many of the challenges in clinical research stem from the experience gap between researchers and their patients. The research teams who conduct clinical trials do so with years of specialized education and training under their belt, while most participants journey through the patient experience as laypeople. This disparity creates a mandate for the development of … Read More →

At Ancillarie, Medrio Makes Study Build Easy, Even for New Data Managers

It’s not often that two clinical data managers who are years apart in their experience feel equally at ease during a clinical trial. But this is precisely what took place at Ancillarie, a support services company that has been serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies since 2012. In 2013, seeking an electronic data capture (EDC) system … Read More →

How eSource Cuts Costs

The frenzy of technological development currently taking the research industry by storm has worked wonders in the way of modernizing clinical trials. Much of this, as we discussed last week, entails the utilization of technology developed outside the industry, such as social media, to enhance patient engagement and other aspects of clinical research. But the … Read More →

Medrio Quick Facts

As eClinical data management continues its march toward becoming the norm in clinical research, the landscape becomes increasingly populated with companies offering EDC. It can be difficult for EDC providers to stand out among broadening competition. Here at Medrio, we’ve grown with the times and created a model that has kept us unique as the … Read More →

eSource: Delivering the Knockout Punch to Paper

As the eClinical industry thrives, it’s easy to imagine the wisdom of EDC catching on and a new, paperless norm being established. After all, the burdens of paper-based data management–high cost, slow study build, and cumbersome SDV, just to name a few–have been well-documented on this very blog. With the superiority of EDC so far … Read More →

The Rise of eClinical: What Opportunities Are Presented?

In December of 2014, Sandra Freeman, writing for Applied Clinical Trials, predicted that 2015 would prove to be the year of eClinical, with a reduction in paper usage and a rise in eSignatures resulting in faster study start-up time1. According to Globe Newswire, by 2020, eClinical will be a nearly $6 billion-industry2. All this points … Read More →