3 Items for the Clinical Research Industry’s Holiday Wishlist

As 2018 winds down and the holidays approach, the spirit of giving has begun. Many are reflecting on the year and setting new goals for 2019 – including clinical researchers. As the industry reflects on the past twelve months, we can see rapid change and strides to overcome long-standing research hurdles. Still, despite this progress, … Read More →

A Big Moment for Diagnostics and Medical Device Clinical Trials

The medical device and diagnostics industries may not represent the face, so to speak, of clinical research. That distinction may belong to pharma, with its blockbuster drugs and lion’s share of the total number of clinical trials registered worldwide. But it would be a folly to underestimate the surge of energy, coming from both industry … Read More →

Thought Leader Spotlight: Laurie Hook on Medical Device Research, Regulations, and More

Laurie Hook is a clinical and regulatory research consultant and a seasoned expert in electronic data capture implementation. She specializes in medical device clinical research in startup environments, and has worked closely with Medrio customers conducting innovative clinical trials in this space and elsewhere. We recently got the chance to chat with Laurie about the … Read More →

3 Ways China is Creating Opportunities in Pharma Clinical Trials Worldwide

China is experiencing a surge in activity in pharma clinical trials, becoming an increasingly central part of the pharmaceutical industry. Now the world’s second-largest national pharmaceutical market, China is also pharma’s fastest growing market, with even more significant expansion predicted by 2022. With greater outsourcing to APAC, and modern technology like EDC and eSource allowing … Read More →

A Big Win for a Medrio Customer

It’s always exciting for us when a Medrio customer wins regulatory approval for a new product. We’d like to congratulate KindredBio, an organization doing fascinating research in the Animal Health sector, on their recent approval of Mirataz. KindredBio used Medrio EDC in clinical trials for Mirataz, and we’re proud to have partnered with them in … Read More →

mHealth and Pharma: Bridging the Regulatory Gap

The often daunting challenges of pharmaceutical development are no secret: throughout the industry, stakeholders experience hefty price tags, lengthy timelines, and difficulties with patient recruitment and retention. According to Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers, it takes an average of ten years and $2.6 billion to develop a new drug – and there is typically just a … Read More →

An Era of Innovation in Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Clinical research is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. New technology that focuses on greater speed and efficiency is shaking up all aspects of the research process, from Phase 1 clinical trials to post-market surveillance. The growing use of artificial intelligence, eClinical tools, and mHealth is helping researchers to more quickly overcome challenges with patient … Read More →

Thanks for Helping Medrio Fight Cancer!

Last month, we launched a social media campaign to raise money for cancer research. We put out a call on our social channels, as well as here on the Medrio blog, for photos of our favorite cat, Dr. GoodData, pledging to donate a dollar to the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center for each … Read More →

How CROs Solve the eSource Conundrum

Contract research organizations have a fine line to walk. On one hand, they face the same mandate as anyone else involved with clinical research and drug development: delivering new treatments to market as rapidly as possible. This urgency has caused CROs to invest heavily in eClinical technology and other resources that unlock game-changing efficiencies, accelerating … Read More →