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Monthly News Roundup: August 2017

Welcome to the Medrio Monthly News Roundup, in which we brief you on a sample of events and developments taking place around the industry. This recurring update functions on popular demand – the stories in this post come from the articles in our social media feeds that garnered the most attention from our readers and followers. Your likes, clicks, and…


Phase I in the Age of Precision Medicine and Patient Diversity

As clinical research evolves and becomes more refined, the industry is coming to acknowledge a simple truth: that everyone is different. A drug that works wonders for one individual may have little to no effect on, or even be detrimental to, another. Alternatively, the discovery that a treatment is ineffective or dangerous in a small group of clinical trial patients…


Letting Clinical Trial Patients Do the Talking

In this era of booming technology, principal investigators of clinical trials have tried all sorts of things to overcome persistent patient recruitment hurdles. Their approaches include study websites, outreach through social media, apps helping willing clinical trial patients find appropriate clinical trials, and more. Enrollment rates, however, remain less than ideal, and recruitment continues to occupy a hefty chunk of…