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How a Data Management Challenge Becomes a Success Story

Clinical trials are susceptible to all kinds of unforeseen changes: protocol amendments, patient attrition – even a mid-study switch to a new EDC. This was the challenge the research consultants at Study Builders faced after the EDC originally selected by their study sponsor fell short of meeting their needs. In the midst of a time-sensitive Phase 0 study, the decision…


The Rise of eClinical: What Opportunities Are Presented?

In December of 2014, Sandra Freeman, writing for Applied Clinical Trials, predicted that 2015 would prove to be the year of eClinical, with a reduction in paper usage and a rise in eSignatures resulting in faster study start-up time1. According to Globe Newswire, by 2020, eClinical will be a nearly $6 billion-industry2. All this points to what is, for many,…