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Why Is Study Build Still Taking So Long?

The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development released its 2017 eClinical Landscape Study last month, and among the results is a troubling statistic: Companies conducting clinical trials are taking an average of 68 days to build their studies, with 77% of survey respondents reporting problems entering data into their electronic data capture (EDC) solution. This comes at a…

Medrio Has a New Look
A sleek image for savvy EDC users

  Medrio has evolved a great deal – and so has our image. Recent upgrades and innovations have unlocked new capabilities for our customers and enhanced the speed, intuitiveness, and efficiency that define their experience with our software. It was time to update our image to reflect the savvy and confident work our users perform every day. Our new look…


What EDC Means at the End of the Day

Shorter timelines, budget savings, easier data management—these are proven benefits of electronic data capture (EDC) for all phases of clinical research. Yet by continuing to use paper-based data capture, as of 2015, more than half of all new clinical trials were missing out on those benefits. That’s unfortunate – but what’s even more unfortunate is that the cost- and time-savings…

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How to Keep Headaches Small as Phase I Trials Get Big

Statistics suggest that Phase I clinical trials, while by no means free of challenges, are more manageable than later phases. They tend to take less time and cost less money; the drugs they test have a comfortable 70% chance of moving on to the next phase.1 These figures are a reprieve from some of the realities that make Phase I…


Beating Connectivity Gaps with Offline Data Entry

Like it has with most aspects of our lives, the internet has revolutionized the process of capturing and managing data for clinical trials. Electronic data capture (EDC), which has provided a reliable and manageable alternative to paper for the storage of patient data, has begun to shift toward cloud services, significantly expanding researchers’ abilities to share and access clinical data.…