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Monthly News Roundup: October 2016

Welcome to the Medrio Monthly News Roundup, in which we brief you on a sample of events and developments taking place around the industry. This recurring update functions on popular demand – the stories in this post come from the articles in our social media feeds that garnered the most attention from our readers and followers. Your likes, clicks, and retweets decide which stories make it beyond your newsfeed and onto our blog.

This week, we bring you a look into the state of adaptive clinical trials, guidelines for evaluating patient recruitment plans, and some uplifting news from the world of pediatric clinical research. Take a look, and tune in for the next roundup in a month!

1. Adaptive trials today and tomorrow

Adaptive clinical trials aren’t exactly a new arrival in clinical research, but there’s still room for more widespread adoption. That’s according to a pharma expert who joined Ed Miseta of Clinical Leader for a conversation on the current state of this sophisticated approach to trial design. Their conversation offers insight into where adaptive clinical trials are already common, where they’re gaining ground, what barriers stand in the way of continued adoption, and more.

2. Maximizing your patient recruitment plans

There are a multitude of recruitment plans available to operations teams looking to start enrolling patients for a clinical trial. But how can these teams be sure to choose the best one? This column lays out three questions teams should ask themselves when evaluating different recruitment plans. Diversification of resources, analysis of populations, and technological prowess are key. For more insight into identifying appropriate clinical trial patients, check out the infographic we posted on the subject earlier this year.

3. An investment in children’s health

Pediatric clinical research is largely dominated by certain diseases like cancer and heart disease; clinical trial networks serving pediatrics in general are few and far between. The National Institutes of Health aims to remedy this issue with a substantial grant to the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The grant will be used to build a pediatric clinical trials network for a broad spectrum of diseases, and is part of a larger campaign that experts hope will ultimately equip pediatricians with a more reliable knowledge base upon which to treat their young patients.


That’s all for this roundup. We’ll have three more stories for you next month. In the meantime, check out this blog every week for new insights into EDC and clinical research.

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