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Monthly News Roundup: June 2017

Welcome to the Medrio Monthly News Roundup, in which we brief you on a sample of events and developments taking place around the industry. This recurring update functions on popular demand – the stories in this post come from the articles in our social media feeds that garnered the most attention from our readers and followers. Your likes, clicks, and retweets decide which stories make it beyond your newsfeed and onto our blog.

This month, we bring you: the results of a survey on ridesharing in clinical trials, a frenzy of drug development in immunotherapy, and a discussion of how the Internet of Things can impact clinical research. Take a look, and tune in for the next roundup in a month!


1. The patient engagement value of ride sharing

Throughout the healthcare industry, there seems to be a growing emphasis on catering to the priorities of, and making things more convenient for, patients. In clinical research, one of the many manifestations of this is recent efforts to make it easier for patients to get to and from trial sites. A recently published study investigates how common it is for sites to offer transportation assistance to clinical trial patients. It also notes that, among the sites that do provide this service, the use of popular ride sharing apps is increasing. The study demonstrates how clinical research can partner with other industries in its patient engagement efforts – a trend also seen in the use of mobile technology in clinical trials.


2. The implications of an immunotherapy boom

It appears immunotherapy may still be the cancer innovation creating the most excitement in the oncology field. Bloomberg recently reported on the frenzy of drug development and clinical trials for immunotherapy treatments currently underway. The volume of work taking place indicates great industry confidence in the effectiveness of immunotherapy in treating cancer. But the article also looks into the financial implications of the boom, including concerns that a surge of new drugs entering clinical trials could saturate the market, bringing prices down and limiting market exclusivity.


3. Clinical trials and the Internet of Things

There has been no shortage of discussion, in recent years, of the potential for various forms of digital technology to revolutionize healthcare. But as an article we shared last month points out, the impact has thus far been limited, with tech adoption in healthcare lagging behind other industries. The article discusses how the Internet of Things, which refers to the equipping of various objects and devices with technology that enables them to send and receive data and communicate with each other, can help bring clinical trials into the future – as long as certain conditions are met.


That’s all for this roundup! We’ll have three more stories for you next month. In the meantime, check out this blog every week for new insights into EDC and clinical research.



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