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Monthly News Roundup: January 2017

Welcome to the Medrio Monthly News Roundup, in which we brief you on a sample of events and developments taking place around the industry. This recurring update functions on popular demand – the stories in this post come from the articles in our social media feeds that garnered the most attention from our readers and followers. Your likes, clicks, and retweets decide which stories make it beyond your newsfeed and onto our blog.

This week, we bring you a report of FDA guidance for clinical trials with multiple endpoints, five-year predictions in drug development, and an analysis of branding issues in pharma. Take a look, and tune in for the next roundup in a month!

1. How to manage trials with multiple endpoints

Clinical research is an increasingly complex industry, with researchers today often analyzing numerous endpoints within a single clinical trial. While this complexity speaks to innovation in the industry’s approach to drug development, it also poses risks: the more endpoints there are in a trial, the greater the likelihood of that trial yielding false conclusions. As RAPS reports, last month the FDA released draft guidance outlining steps that can be taken to mitigate these risks. The article offers excerpts and details from the guidance.

2. What the next five years hold for drug development

Late last year, the QuintilesIMS Institute released its predictions of where the drug development industry is headed over the next five years. An article in Applied Clinical Trials offers highlights from the predictions, including drug spending figures and the volume of new medicines expected to emerge during that time, as well as some important details: Which therapeutic areas, in particular, will see big investments? What will be the role of technology in future development?

3. Rethinking branding for pharmaceutical companies

How does branding in pharma differ from branding in other industries? A January article in the X Talks Blog explores this question, as well as the dilemma it creates for pharmaceutical companies. While name recognition of individual pharma products is high among consumers, companies have struggled to cultivate awareness of the brand behind the product. The article delves into the reasons behind this discrepancy, and discusses how current economic and regulatory conditions create a mandate for pharma to bridge the gap somehow.


That’s all for this roundup. We’ll have three more stories for you next month. In the meantime, check out this blog every week for new insights into EDC and clinical research.

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