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Monthly News Roundup: February 2017

Welcome to the Medrio Monthly News Roundup, in which we brief you on a sample of events and developments taking place around the industry. This recurring update functions on popular demand – the stories in this post come from the articles in our social media feeds that garnered the most attention from our readers and followers. Your likes, clicks, and retweets decide which stories make it beyond your newsfeed and onto our blog.

This week, we bring you an update from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and two examinations of the state of patient centricity in clinical research today. Take a look, and tune in for the next roundup in a month!


  • A new tool for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
    The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has taken on a larger-than-life mission: to ultimately cure all of the world’s diseases. Of course, in order to do this, its scientists will need access to relevant medical research in a quick and efficient manner. That’s why the initiative recently acquired Meta, a software with the ability to identify the scientific studies most relevant to its users’ goals, and to provide that information as soon as those studies are published. The expectation is that this will enable researchers to build off each other’s discoveries and catalyze their progress toward new cures.
  • Suggestions for a truly patient-centric trial
    Patient centricity has become one of the hottest topics in clinical research today, with implications for recruitment and retention, study design, and more. But it’s also a broad concept that takes many forms when put into practice. Sometimes, this has led to great success; other times, not so much. Last month, we posted an article that lays out a number of practices that the author sees as ideal approaches to patient centricity. It comes at a time when patients are demanding a more involved role in their healthcare, which, as the patient centricity craze demonstrates, includes clinical research.
  • Consulting a panel on patient centricity
    A week later, the same blog posted a video collection of interviews with not just one, but six experts from clinical research-related fields on the topic of patient centricity. These experts, who represented pharma companies, CROs, and other areas, offered their insight into how patient-centric approaches to clinical trials can improve. Their answers covered a lot of ground within the vast world of clinical research.


That’s all for this roundup! We’ll have three more stories for you next month. In the meantime, check out this blog every week for new insights into EDC and clinical research.


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