Medrio Has a New Look
A sleek image for savvy EDC users



Medrio has evolved a great deal – and so has our image. Recent upgrades and innovations have unlocked new capabilities for our customers and enhanced the speed, intuitiveness, and efficiency that define their experience with our software. It was time to update our image to reflect the savvy and confident work our users perform every day. Our new look offers a taste of the ease and fluidity that our users enjoy when they log into their EDC. Read on to check it out!


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Simple, Bold Design

To us, it only made sense to extend the sensibility of our software to our image. Just as our software doesn’t burden users with unnecessary complexities, our image doesn’t distract the eye with excessive elaboration. Just as our users enjoy fluidity and power as they work toward their goals, our new infographics and datasheets feature a smooth and bold design, with the instantly recognizable Medrio blue. We’ve removed the black outline from our cloud logo, creating a lighter, freer, and easier feel that reflects the experience of using our software. When you see our content, you won’t just learn what you can achieve with a fast and nimble EDC – you’ll get a sense of the Medrio personality that our customers have come to know well.


Familiar Faces, Rethought


Tablet out DGD

Doctor Gooddata

Fortified by his skill and experience, and motivated by his passion for accelerating the delivery of life-saving treatments through faster, smarter clinical data management, the new Dr. GoodData is an EDC evangelist. He’s seen how the technology reduces costs and timelines in clinical data management, and has made it his mission to maximize the impact of innovative eClinical technology across the industry. He knows how to navigate his software with ease and fluidity, and now helps others do the same.


The new Francois is a veteran of the clinical research industry. But when it comes to clinical data management, he’s still a bit skeptical of the technology that has swept across the industry in recent years. Francois represents Medrio’s acknowledgement of, and respect for, those in the industry who remain wary of changes to the processes they’ve used throughout their careers. Through his interactions with Dr. GoodData, he soon comes to see that EDC not only has major benefits to offer, but can be simple and intuitive to learn, even for those who have built careers using paper-based data capture exclusively.

Curious Francois
It's easy Diane

Diane the Data Manager

Diane the Data Manager is an emblem of everything EDC has to offer data managers across the clinical research industry. She has reduced her study build time to a matter of days, and implemented mid-study changes with ease and speed. She has consistently met her study timelines, and has gained valuable insight into queries, site performance, and more. And she’s done it all with a nimble, intuitive EDC that allows her to build and conduct her studies on her terms, with minimal reliance on external parties. Diane is a personification of Medrio’s mission: to empower all clinical researchers to achieve the same success she’s achieved.

Doctor Gooddata Evolution

The value of an EDC tool extends beyond its functionality – its look and feel go a long way toward defining the overall experience of those who utilize it. This makes our image one of the most important and powerful ways we tell our audience who we are and what they can expect from us.





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