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Understanding Phase I

Infographic: Understanding Phase I Clinical Trials

Developing an FDA approved drug or device is a long and expensive process. Researchers and pharmaceutical companies spend years bringing a drug to your medicine cabinet. Most drugs that undergo preclinical research never make it past this phase. The ones that do make it have to go through three phases of human testing before they are presented to the FDA…


Proven: Medrio is the Right Choice for Phase I

Bringing a drug from the clinical trial stages to market is a long and expensive process, which is why sponsors often streamline the process by outsourcing their clinical trial management to contract research organizations (CROs). ClinDART, a small CRO based in San Diego, provides its pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device company clients with the necessary flexibility, extensive knowledge, and expertise…


Addressing Safety in Phase I Clinical Trials

The purpose of conducting a Phase I trial is to test a new drug or treatment on human subjects for the first time in order to determine its safety, evaluate side effects, and ascertain the correct dosage level.  It is important to be sure that each drug or device that is being tested is safe before moving forward with the…


The Frightening Cost of Paper (Infographic)

Electronic data capture (EDC) has been an available solution for data management in clinical trials for the past decade. During this time, EDC has proven to be more efficient, straightforward, and less expensive than the alternative: paper. Efficient use of resources is especially important to Early Stage and Phase I studies, where budgets are small and timelines are tight. With…


Phase I Collaboration: PharPoint Research & Medrio CloudEDC™

In our last article with PharPoint Research, we discussed how being first to market is essential, as first-movers usually acquire significantly greater market share. Having a contract research organization (CRO) that guarantees fast timelines, while simultaneously mitigating the risk of errors, means deadlines will be met and provides a clear competitive advantage (something that can be difficult in this industry).…

Infographic: An Illustrated History of EDC

Click below to explore our infographic timeline of EDC’s evolution over the past 50 years, from paper and snail mail to cloud computing.

Accelerating Clinical Trials: A Rich Reward

The commonly accepted figure for sales of a new drug is $1M per day. Thus, every day saved in bringing a new drug to market yields significant returns. As days turn into weeks, months, and years, the additional earnings add up and become massive. A few months can make the all-important difference between first and second to market. The industry move from…