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A Day in the Life of a Clinical Research Associate

It’s another busy day at work for Carrie the Clinical Research Associate. She’s got data to review, reports to write, and lots of other important tasks on her agenda. Luckily, she’s got Medrio supporting the studies she works with and making her job more convenient. Let’s shadow Carrie at her workplace to get a sense of a typical day for…

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Educating Tomorrow’s Clinical Researchers

A drug’s journey from proof of concept to FDA approval is a years-long, far-reaching process in which healthcare, business and government each play important roles. For aspiring clinical researchers hoping to navigate this sprawling field, there’s certainly a lot to learn. We thought we’d take a look at a pair of initiatives educating students in healthcare and pharmacology in the…

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At Ancillarie, Medrio Makes Study Build Easy, Even for New Data Managers

It’s not often that two clinical data managers who are years apart in their experience feel equally at ease during a clinical trial. But this is precisely what took place at Ancillarie, a support services company that has been serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies since 2012. In 2013, seeking an electronic data capture (EDC) system to catalyze their clinical research,…

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Another Side of Patient Engagement

The patient engagement craze in clinical research today is largely driven by recent technological innovations. An app allows patients to track their symptoms on their own time, providing clinical data in a passive and convenient fashion. Social media is explored as a new avenue through which to recruit patients for an upcoming trial. These developments have shown great promise in…


ER Squared, Founded by an EDC Pioneer, Recommends Medrio for Animal Health

ER Squared is a life sciences consulting firm whose clientele includes, but is not limited to, pharmaceutical, biotech, and animal health companies. ER Squared’s EDC team has experience that spans the 3 decades of EDC systems, including the industry’s first adoption of EDC for 100% of domestic and international clinical trials. So when a client recently appealed to their expertise…


A Bird’s-Eye View of a Clinical Research Nurse