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Our Mission

At Medrio, our central purpose is to provide clinical researchers with the tools necessary to chase the next breakthrough in public health. In service of this mission, we make sure that we craft our EDC, eSource, and ePRO tools with the needs of our customers in mind, and make ourselves available any time of any day for those who need support along their journey to medical discovery.

The Story of Medrio

Medrio's origins begin in 2005, when founder Mike Novotny envisioned a software solution that could free clinical trials from the time-consuming burden of storing and managing paper forms. More than a decade later, we’ve served over 3,000 clinical trials of all phases and therapeutic areas with our cutting-edge EDC and eSource tools, reducing clinical trial timelines and expenses while providing our customers full ownership and control of their research. Along the way, we’ve met some amazing people and organizations doing fascinating things to improve public health all over the world.

Our customers deserve the fastest, easiest to use, and most flexible tools available.
Clinical researchers strive to deliver crucial treatments to populations in need. Time is of the essence. They should be able to rely on an eClinical solution with a simple and intuitive interface, and build their databases and make any necessary changes with ease, so that they can get their databases locked and their products to market as fast as possible.
Clinical research should remain in the hands of clinical researchers.
Our customers should not have to hire external programming staff to build their databases, or reach out to us to make mid-study changes. They are the clinical researchers, and they should be able to handle these tasks themselves - on their terms, and according to their timelines. Our software, with its simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, empowers them to do so.
Our customers deserve easy access to all the support they need along the way.
When a customer needs assistance with our software, there's little time to waste. That's why we offer 24/7 support; dedicated Customer Success Managers to qualified customers; flexible training regimens that combine online self-administered training and in-person sessions with Medrio trainers; and an online forum for users to exchange tips and solutions.
"We view the clinical researchers who use Medrio as partners in the goal we both share: to live in a stronger, healthier world."

Team Culture

We find that having a strong team bond fosters the collaborative energy necessary to best meet our customers’ needs. We hold regular offsite events for both recreational and business purposes, as well as lunch-and-learn events to stay informed of company updates, exciting customer stories, and more. Every Thursday we convene to discuss the highlights and lowlights of the week over snacks and wine.

A Healthy Workforce

A healthy staff is a happy and productive staff. With that in mind, Medrio provides competitive health benefits, as well as additional perks such as gym memberships and an office kitchen full of healthy snacks.

Global Impact

Through their research, our customers are striving to create a healthier world, delivering treatments that often save lives. As creators of tools that bolster their efforts, we feel there is a true humanitarian mandate to what we do, and take our work very seriously.

Meet the Medrio Leadership Team


Mike Novotny
Medrio Board Member, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Medrio
Mike Novotny is the founder and CEO of Medrio. Mr. Novotny applies 20 years of experience in research and software to his eClinical SaaS vision. Prior to founding Medrio, Mr. Novotny was president of Ninaza, an EDC software company, and had previously held roles as a research associate at the U.N. and a manager of the fraud database at VISA. He holds a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Columbia University. Mr. Novotny founded Medrio in 2005 in San Francisco.
Dr. Richard Scheller
Medrio Board Member, Chief Scientific Officer of 23andMe, Former Executive Vice President of Genentech
Richard H. Scheller is a globally recognized leader in biomedical research and has won some of science’s top awards, including the Lasker Prize and Kalvi Prize. He recently joined 23andMe, the personal genetics startup, to lead their new therapeutics division, which will use customer genomic data to develop novel drugs. Prior to joining 23andMe, Dr. Scheller led drug discovery at Genentech for 14 years as Executive Vice President of Research and Early Development and served as a member of Genentech's Executive Committee and the Roche Enlarged Corporate Executive Committee. Before joining Genentech, Dr. Scheller worked as a professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology at Stanford University and as an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Dave Lipscomb
Medrio Board Member Founder and Former CIO, NetSuite
Dave Lipscomb brings great depth in software as a service (SaaS) to Medrio after spending 14 years at NetSuite, where he was a founding member in 1998. Holding the titles Senior Vice President of Engineering and Chief Information Officer, Mr. Lipscomb drove engineering, product management, and IT operations. Most recently, Mr. Lipscomb held the position of Senior Vice President of Customer Loyalty, focusing on customer retention and customer satisfaction. Under his leadership, NetSuite enabled thousands of customers worldwide to manage their business in real time, and the NetSuite service has achieved unprecedented uptime and reliability in the on-demand industry.
Doug Engfer
Medrio Board Member Founder and Former CEO, invivodata
An entrepreneur from a long line of entrepreneurs, Doug Engfer has more than 25 years of executive leadership experience, focused on building productive organizations that expand their customers' top-line revenue. Most recently, Doug co-founded invivodata (now part of ERT), serving as President, CEO, and Board Chair. invivodata permanently changed pharmaceutical clinical research by pioneering the direct collection of valid, reliable patient self-reported data. Before that, Doug founded The Windward Group (now part of Nokia), a Silicon Valley software development services firm.
Ryan Drant
Medrio Board Member Founder and Managing Director, Questa Capital
Ryan Drant has been actively investing in healthcare since 1996. He specializes in investments in the medical device, healthcare services, healthcare information technology and specialty pharma sectors. Ryan has been named four times to the Forbes Midas List of best venture capital investors. Prior to founding Questa, Ryan was a General Partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA). He led the firm’s global healthcare investing practice and served as a member of NEA’s four-person management committee. Previously, Ryan was with the Health Care Investment Banking Group of Alex. Brown & Sons and Arthur Andersen & Co.
Brad Sloan
Medrio Board Member Managing Director, Questa Capital
Brad Sloan has been actively involved in the healthcare space for 20 years and specializes in investments in the healthcare information technology and healthcare services sectors. Prior to co-founding Questa, Brad was a senior investment professional at Parthenon Capital Partners, a growth oriented private equity firm, where he helped lead the healthcare investment practice. Prior to Parthenon, Brad worked at Broadlane, Inc., a healthcare technology company, where he was a member of the Executive Management Committee. Brad previously worked in a variety of healthcare investment roles at MTS Health Partners and Evercore Partners. Brad started his career in the Healthcare Investment Banking Group at Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc.
Mike Novotny, Medrio
Mike Novotny
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Medrio
Mike Novotny is the founder and CEO of Medrio. Mr. Novotny applies 20 years of experience in research and software to his eClinical SaaS vision. Prior to founding Medrio, Mr. Novotny was president of Ninaza, an EDC software company, and had previously held roles as a research associate at the U.N. and a manager of the fraud database at VISA. He holds a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Columbia University. Mr. Novotny founded Medrio in 2005 in San Francisco.
Steve Yount, Medrio
Steve Yount
Vice President of Sales
Steve Yount brings over 20 years of experience successfully building and scaling sales, business development and customer facing teams to his role at Medrio. He is well-versed in enterprise software, process automation, digital customer interaction, and cloud SaaS solutions. Steve follows an approach of ensuring the company and sales teams provide compelling value and success to customers in all key interactions. He is responsible for establishing Medrio’s go-to-market strategy, driving sales efforts, and ensuring successful customer relationships. Steve previously served as VP of Sales for software and technology companies including Symix, Goal Systems, and BigFix, and held senior positions with companies including IBM and UCCEL.
Lauren Costella, Medrio
Lauren Costella
Vice President of Customer Success
As VP of Customer Success, Lauren Costella is tasked with overseeing Medrio’s growing and renowned Customer Success (CS) team. She brings extensive experience to her role at Medrio, having held numerous senior management and directorial positions at global SaaS companies, such as Searchmetrics and BrightEdge. She also serves as a Board Member for the Customer Success Network, a thought leader and speaker in the Customer Success space, and publishes articles and information on her blog. She also spent two years as a Strategic Communications advisor for the U.S. Department of Defense. Lauren holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, both from Stanford University.
Johannes Hoech, Medrio
Johannes Hoech
Vice President of Marketing
Johannes brings years of executive experience, in marketing and other areas, to his leadership of Marketing at Medrio. Having served in permanent and interim executive management roles at organizations ranging in size from three people to several hundred, Johannes is an expert at driving revenue and scaling fast-growing organizations of all sizes. He approaches his work with a combined analytical and creative mentality, executing efficiently while innovating pragmatic solutions. Johannes holds an MBA in Business Management from the Sloan School of Management at MIT, and a Masters of Engineering in Naval Architecture from UC Berkeley. When he’s not leading demand generation at Medrio, he can be found on a 1944-built steam freighter he manages in Point Richmond, California.
Nathan Weems, Medrio
Nathan Weems
Chief Financial Officer
Nathan has accrued over 13 years of operational excellence in management roles spanning finance, business development, and marketing, most recently serving as Sr. Director of Finance at Natera, a public Bay Area biotech company. Earlier experience includes tenure at a top Wall Street investment bank and Big-4 accounting firm. Nathan brings expertise in accounting, due diligence, market research, fund raising and investor relations. He holds a BA from the University of Southern California and an MBA from Wharton. When his HP 12C is not within reach, you can usually find Nathan on two wheels or two skis exploring the outdoors with his family.
Leslie Olsen, Medrio
Leslie Olsen
Vice President of Product Marketing
Leslie Olsen brings a unique combination of marketing, product management, and strategic expertise to her role as VP of Product Marketing at Medrio. Comfortable at both strategic and tactical levels, she has successfully led marketing teams and launched innovative products at startups and Fortune 500 companies. Leveraging analytics and intuition, she transforms complex market challenges into innovative solutions that deliver strong competitive advantages. At Medrio, she oversees sales enablement, company and product positioning, thought leadership, competitive intelligence, and overall go-to-market strategy. Leslie holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Political Economy from the University of Washington, and is a native of Oakland, California.
Fred Martin, Medrio
Fred Martin
Vice President of Product Management
Fred Martin has built a career in healthcare over the course of nearly two decades, and has developed healthcare systems, BI/Analytics solutions, workflow tools for hospitals, and more. He has served in Director of VP positions at companies including PointClickCare, Press Ganey, and Premiere Healthcare Alliance. He brings broad experience in user-centered design and bridging cosumer-centric front-end web applications and technology infrastructures to his role at Medrio. Fred holds a MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; a MILR from Cornell University; and a BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Rob Akers, Medrio
Rob Akers
Vice President of Business Development
Led the Global Business Development Team for Southern Research Institute's Drug Development Division, which has delivered verifiable, significant year-over-year growth since the start of my tenure. In 2015, I created and began the successful execution of a detailed, strategic 5-year plan by expanding the Business Development Team, assimilating the new members, gaining full adoption of the 5-year plan by the entire team, and delivering upon the commitments established.

Careers at Medrio

Medrio is a San Francisco based company providing software for clinical research.
As a fast growing company, Medrio is always looking for talented people to join our team.

Please send general inquiries to or apply directly for our current openings:

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HR & Office Operations Associate
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Sales Development Representative
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Sales Development Representative, Europe (based in Bratislava)
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